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  • Do not post derogatory comments or attacks against other people or groups. This includes accusing any individual(s) of cheating or inappropriate behavior. If you would like to report someone who you believe is cheating or acting inappropriately, please send a private message to any of the Staff Members.

  • Please use the search or tag search before posting. Chances are a thread or post already exists. If you can’t find what you need then feel free to post.

  • Please create new threads in the appropriate forum, and use a descriptive title. Thread locations and titles may be changed by the staff to more accurately reflect the topic being discussed.

  • Do not make repeated or nearly identical posts. Spam will not be tolerated. Also, be advised that posting randomly for the sake of raising post count or adding recent activity to a thread (i.e. “bumping” threads) will also not be tolerated if used in excessive fashion.

  • Do not advertise or promote third party services, referrals, contests, websites or commercial enterprises. UPDATE: It is OK to discuss other games, even Growtopia :wink:

  • Do not post any content relating to illegal or adult 18+ substances or activities; including illicit drugs, prostitution, alcohol and tobacco.

  • Do not post or otherwise publicly share your personal information like real name, social security number, bank information, address or similar information.

  • Do not post, discuss, or ask for information about bots, macros, exploits, cheats or hacks. This also includes links to sites that may indirectly promote such programs. Similarly, talk about your personal use of such items, or discussion of unreleased content (in other words, content that cannot be obtained by standard means) is also forbidden.

  • Do not discuss or promote actions that may violate this forum’s rules, Kukouri mobile Entertainment’s Terms of Service agreements or Privacy and Cookie Policy.

  • Do not impersonate to be a Staff Member, employee or moderator.

  • Do not discuss or disclose private messages or Staff Member / Moderator actions in our forums.

  • Do not create multiple forum accounts or share your forum account with any other user. Each forum member is allowed only one account.

  • Do not post any content relating to religion, politics or socioeconomic issues. Those are all important subjects but this forum is not the place for those.

  • Do not post Support Ticket responses in the forum or share them in any way.

  • Posts deemed toxic, hostile and/or aggressive towards Kukouri Mobile Entertainment or Pixel Worlds game, any of the forum staff members, moderators, other forums members or any other third party will not be tolerated and may result in a warning or a ban.

  • Gambling in game is not allowed and will result in a ban. Promoting gambling in the forums will result in a ban.

Any violations of the above rules can result in a temporary or permanent ban. These rules are neither final nor exhaustive - we reserve the right to suspend disruptive users even if their behaviour doesn’t fall under any of the above rules directly. Be nice, make friends and respect others and yourself.

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