Byte coin store items made by community

Players designs are added, and each stay for 2 weeks before randomly going up(every week they are gone, they have a slightly higher chance of going back up)

That way we get to marvel at community creations.

it could be like this:
Sorted into categories

Items of the Month
Are there for 1 month

Items of the week
Cycle every week

(Community and booster blocks)

Also isn’t this already an item
Cool thing i saw
Something from last year finally in game


Pretty good idea, would be nice because more people would have a chance of getting their item in the game

Yea… i still want to get a item for my dead cat as a tribue for her…

I made a world for her and wrote a sign but i would love to get an exclusive item for myself or at least a object for that…

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Not to sound rude, but they can’t be spending their time adding items for players like that. It’s simply unfeasible and they’d have to add like 50 cats every update. And, even if it isn’t your intention, players shouldn’t be profiting off of dead animals for gain in a game, if that makes sense…

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Well, my intention was not like : PLS ADD MY ITEM MY CAT DED PLPS PLS PLS ME VERY SAD ADD ME CAT

My cat was really important to me and when @Neoslayer made a design for it

I was like: Yea, this can be cool if they add it but i didn’t beg the devs to add it in game.

I’m fine that they didn’t added it and it’s doesn’t really matter for me. I also didn’t said to add a pet for every dead animals that the community lost.