Byte price is literally ruined

Soo anyone remember when byte price was 500/1?
Do u miss these days, or u like If u can buy bytes from vendor in pixelstation?
Byte current price is 210-240/1wls

Do u miss when byte price was 500/1?
  • Yes, i miss these days when there was possible to buy byte 500/1.
  • No, i love buyng bytes from vendor that Gives you 219 bytes per wl.

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bytes have become increasingly more useful though which is why it’s price has changed so much. i miss when it was cheaper but i also acknowledge that this was going to happen eventually as bytes are continued to be pushed as the games currency

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I hope it Will never become the main currency in pixelworlds.

On what I think, bytecoin ranks #1 for in-game currency than world lock. I also think players rather use PWE machine to sell their items (except for the expensive ones)

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my problem with byte is that you cant really sell like dp for like 5 million byte its just too confusing
we need wls for buying exp items

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Based on my observation the Ownee controls the Byte Price

I see the owner of BUYBYTE has it’s own discord server, I or someone should definitely petition to make the price 250-300/wl.

How to manipulate price 2021

why is that?
bytecoins are clearly a superior currency to world locks.


I mean if trade feature is removed, it will mess up alot stuff example you can’t buy dp through pwe, it just sounds impossible.

Wdym you still can trade bytecoins?

well its easier in terms of calculating to buy a lets say ypwr for 437 wls instead of buying it 106695 bytes it would just be so annoying for example price world dark cherub 113400 bytes 450wls is just s much easier

Zygora has 5m Bytecoins maybe thats the reason why the owner is rising the price.

i know i saw that vid

I have a theory or a logical thought that it dropped because bc is very simple to be obtained.

They have to since there’s no official currency to use if wls became untradable

Byte Coins is the official currency, always been.

  • I always liked Byte Coins the most.

First of all, I have barely liked World Locks as a Trade Currency. To be honest, why you you like to have lots of World Locks just to lock thousands of worlds? Do you even need that many worlds?
Because the only purpose I see for the World Locks is to fully lock an entire world.

When Byte Coins were introduced into the game, I knew they had potential to be the currency that we were going to use in the future to trade, and that’s how it was intended by the developers, adding a new currency to trade, maybe not to become the main, but another currency for trading.

Regarding to the byte coin pricing, I firmly believe that the price IS NOT being manipulated by the owners of Byte Trading Worlds. The players themselves are the ones that made the value of the byte coins to increase.


  • When the byte coins were introduced, the players BARELY gave attention to it, and they didn’t use the PWE quite much back then.

  • Times changes, people have now realized the potential that the PWE has, they have started to make more trades with it, and with this the byte coin price increase due to its demand.


Price always drops, its over heating just…

  • Price will start get up due WL price will rise if quests related giving WLs will be reduced.
  • WL has stabil item prices less changes than Bytes.
  • Items are in competition and most have allmost all what they dream off. some rare items aren’t so rare anymore.
    Increased Nether Soul amount from Nether will reduce Potion prices and makes available for everyone with small effort .
    Increased material drop rate for Potions and Flasks causes Flask prices reduces , Gems prices reduce makes available for everyone.

Question how to balance is pretty simple :

  • make new items what are more rare and wanted.
  • make WL Amount from quests way less tops 50 / day in total.
  • make quests related recycle items return to turn Bytes more often.
  • Balance material drop rate so not so over whelming.

These are like first options balance values.

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I agree World locks are pointless , but it’s lot easier to calculate ex. U want buy smth worth 1293wls and u gotta calc it to bytes -_-

When i started playing the game the bc rate was 500/1wl and when i saw the NPC price i was : excuse me what the

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