Castle netherworld

this is the castle netherworld
during wraith bane revenge

flying flaming books spawn in world punch to get the flaming book rarity N/A
after that double tap and will be teleport to CASTLENETHER which there a castle get up and fight the wraith bane (with special attack)
powers wraith bane:
3 projectiles [faster]
speed faster
summoning projectiles [summon projectiles which following you like manic mecha white projectiles]
the END power [hardest power summon RANDOM NETHERWORLD MONSTER 1 per one until 20-25 monsters killed. wraith bane defeated]

there will be powerful monsters in castle:

  • green abyss walker (faster strike 5% and more damage3.5% lol)
  • castle staff caster [red color shoots 10 PROJECTILES)
  • night flame caster [check my topic :)]
    Night flame caster

4 bone gate at the top opened after defeat wraith bane

  • 1 mysterious nether chest RARE[200-300 nether crystals or chance to get magma sword LEGENDARY]
  • mini wraith bane familiar [rarest chance] LEGENDARY
  • magic key [flying around your head rare chance] ULTRA RARE
  • basic crossbow [rare chance] ULTRA RARE

mysterious nether chest prizes:

  • 200 crystals
  • 250 crystals
  • 300 crystals
  • magma sword


  • defeat wraith bane in the CASTLENETHER
    star 1: one times [prize:wraith bane hoodie] ULTRA RARE
    star 2: 5 times [wraith bane tentacles change hand into tentacles ULTRA RARE
    star 3: 20 times [nether halo] ULTRA RARE

  • finish CASTLENETHER alone
    star 1: 1 times [5 flaming books or 10 magic crystal]

you can get 1 magic crystal in the CASTLENETHER like nether crystal randomize places
1 magical crystals 5-20 gems
you don’t get gems after finish the castle


night flame castle redesign


forgot to add items rarity :joy:


  • yes
  • no
  • bad

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How can you enter the world?

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you read it or no lol :joy:

So basically, your saying you need to find the book (just like blue particle) and punch it to collect one. Pressing it will teleport you to the world.

I get it. but wil this be an event or just random (like butterfly summons at your world at any time)

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event every 2 month random date

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Well the thing is a lot of people don’t use nether that much including me and I wouldn’t like it very much if they made an update on nether I would hugely prefer just a brand new feature

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Hey dude, just asking, do you mind if I can make some concept art of this idea? I personally really like it!

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i can but take a while to make it xD

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Ah, not sure if you got what I meant, I’m asking for permission to make art about this suggestion.

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