Night flame caster

did you guys have a better idea for my caster name cause it was pretty weird.
this caster has nothing in his body he just have eyes so he was dangerous lol
and also it keep teleporting in random places and shoot 1 projectiles every time he teleport

(bruh i was doing nothing with youtube just for music lol xD )

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rip no reply ;( (20 characters)

someone wanna reply? cause you know give some name lol

Emmm dark star lord??

noice :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: thx i will change it!

You don’t have to only if you prefer my name for it

Wow, that’s a pretty nice art! Keep it up! :smile:

What about name it Void Chaser, just a recommendation. :laughing:

thx! i want to make other monsters. still bad at arts lol

Blue-hatted-sidewarded-crowned-sorceror-caster-with-no-body-inside-the-robe caster

The Raven from Teen Titans

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I love how time and effort you made this art. It looks like:

Or, someone who is watching below for no reason.

Keep up the good work!

agreed. (20 characters)

thx guys! i still working on next art