Dev ded in bt


Bruh you made the thing :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:


And you refuse to answer this question:



Idk just playing the game :smiley:

Just stop already.

THEN answer my QUESTION.

I just randomly found him.

First time I see him, actually

I join nether/SB/BT, all I meet are just subjects and randoms.

Once i was trying to sell golden mine keys and i saw Dev.

Just continue to hang around…

Well, I once saw a Twitch AFF but that means someone is dumb enough to give away their SSN to whoever asks for it.

Already answered lol

Dead more like devd :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

How the heck is that even related to dev lmao

Dude do you not listen to anything? :roll_eyes:

Simple, sometimes they log-in and test bt to see how its doing, with that you can get in with an admin sometimes. No big deal to meet an Admin tbh.


Do you know what theblacktower is lol
Like have you ever played pw?
Here let me explain :nerd_face:
THEBLACKTOWER is apart of the Pixel Worlds halloween event!
To enter THEBLACKTOWER you have to go to a non-player character (NPC) called Jacko.
This non-player character (NPC) is placed down in the world called HALLOWEENCASTLE.
You can access HALLOWEENCASTLE by either typing it into the search bar in the menus or you can click the SPECIAL EVENT button!
Once you have met the non-player character (NPC) you have to talk to him by clicking the bubble above his head, when you have done that you get to choose what you want to pay with to enter THEBLACKTOWER.
The choices are
750 Gems or 10 LOST SOULS!
You can gather gems from the NETHERWORLD, PIXELMINES or from FISHING!
You can gather LOST SOULS by catching them in worlds, they spawn randomly!
Once you have paid you randomly get matched up with other players, these can be normal players, creators, moderators or the developers of the game!
Hope my guide helped :blush:


When you’re looking for a developer or admin you’re essentially looking for a handful of individuals out of thousands of people, of course, you’re going to see regular players more frequently than developers and admins.

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I actually forgot to mention that I met a mod through a Broadcast. I guess that’s on way to find a mod

I died to the buzzsaw after I had already jumped up! I knew it! I don’t know how that’s possible, I guess I was sliding on the ice below and made some frame-perfect “trick” where I touched the saw, jumped at the same time and the block corner was near enough.