Fishing Guide | Part 1 will be posted tomorrow!

The topic will be Fishing vs Other ways to gain profit, based on my personal opinion and what my in-game friends said. :+1:

What I will discuss :

  • Fishing vs Farming
  • Fishing vs Exploring Netherworld
  • Fishing vs Trading
  • Fishing vs Mining

If you have any ‘Suggestions’, comment below! :fire:


tell me which one is better plz fishing or mining

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Well, it depends. But if you do mine and fishing all together then that’s x2 the stonks.

I’m confused, where’s the discussion? Will it be released tomorrow? also not to be judgemental, if your going to make these kind of threads. make it or place it on one thread only (if they have the same topics then you should)

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i wanna do fishing or mining but idk which one better and i got 85 or 86 wls and 37k gems,idk what to buy lol. i might save for carb sup since 105 so close to it, i also got abyss sword so could sell that too but i gave away 60wls so yea rip that lol

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Just choose something you need the most. If your bored on the other then move on to another.

You can find out what profession to choose here.

If you are interested in Fishing, You should look forward to my next posts. :fire:


Thank you for the suggestion, I am going to place all parts into 1 thread after they are all finished. :pray:

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Nice plan! :+1:
Good luck. :wink:

Fishing Guide part 1 has been posted! Press the link below! :arrow_heading_down:

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