Fyn's Microsoft Paint service

You can probably gather from the title, but this thread is partially inspired by Blackwight’s pixel art service (Blackwight's Pixel Art service [Open]) and Neoslayer’s pixel art service mini (Pixel Worlds Pixel art Service Mini (Inspired by blackwight))

Anyway, let’s get to the point. I’m procrastinating right now, and need something to do, so post your character below, and I’ll draw them using Microsoft Paint.

Here's an example of some of the 'amazing' art you'll receive...

Beautiful, right…? Right?


Would love to see how you would draw my character in your style :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

It’s… amazing… :sob:
Jayel Microsoft Paint


Abstract Arts :rofl:

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Would appreciate this

I would love to see how will my set turn out :flushed:

That looks cute! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Them lips though :flushed:

Really like your art style! Looks fancy and complex!

This is 1 Minute Pixel Art Challenge.

Now do 10 Seconds one.

Make sure to capture the clearly visible abs

Just want to add that both of these ones were drawn using a trackpad, so they may look a little different.

I’ll draw yours tomorrow because I’ve run out of time for tonight! Hope you don’t mind.


What about this?

My monstrosity of a set

Absolutely wonderful piece, appreciate this.

MS Paint is too damn cool in making Pixel Arts, that’s where i started making some of arts,
its pretty awesome to see how talented you are Mr.Fyn Exploring alot of varieties of Arts & Design
Its so Cool and Unique . Cheers!

I’m sorta just doing it because it looks funny, and gives me a little something to do when I’m bored, nothing too serious, glad you like it though, thanks. :joy:

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Not sure if you’re still doing this but I am very interested :rofl:

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By, “I’ll draw yours tomorrow”, I clearly meant “In a week”, huh?
Well, there you go, enjoy.

I sorta’ gave up on the familiar with yours, because it was getting late, so sorry about that… :joy:

As for the rest, I’ll be getting to them soon. I don’t want to promise a date, since we’ll end up here again, lmao.


Amazing, i will frame it and put it on my wall

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It looks so cool, I love it. Thanks for the art, @fyn! :smile:

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