Giveaway announcement

As stated in my last thread, I will be quitting the game! And since I’ll be quitting, I figured that I’d give back everything I had to the community.

Giveaway starts at 3 PM tomorrow (Philippines time) I will be giving away all my items and bytes. World will go into ownership of @BernardSeller

As said in my previous thread, leaving the game does not mean that I will be leaving this community. I will still be in the forums and social media :wink:

UPDATE: Giveaway ended. Thanks to all for participating! Bernard will get my worlds as usual


I’ll be there. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m so sorry you quit the game, it’s very kind of you to gift your stuff. good luck to everyone ahead of time. :"))

ill try to be there (:

what’s the world? I’ll also try to be there

world name is LARS

I’ll try to be there if I can, quitting buds