Good and cheap fishing items?

what is good and cheap fishing items that help get faster and bigger fishes and is worth to get?

first… how much wls do u have

2wls, 750 bytes and 21k gems

use fine bamboo rod for now,maybe even fiber basic,actually yes use fiber basic just about 100 bytes and buy 2 wls worth of neon spoon,sell ur bytes for wls and keep 1 wl for world… fish all the neon spoon drop fish in world and sell,then repeat till u get 4-10 wls + bait and then come back here and tell me xd

and i just want to know what is good to get so i can know what is my next step

maybe buy fine bamboo rod and use ur 21k gems for bait

i have bamboo flaw already, and 600 breadcumb baits

tell me now because i know what to get and then i dont need wait when u answer me

I would suggest you buy pfsuit for 6wls

ok, what it does?? does it make fishs come faster?

pf suit and hat increase fish strike efficiency
maybe Neoslayer’s Fishing Gear Guide would help you I dunno

ty soo much, this is what i looked for

oh then get more abit and fish thats all lol

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