Neoslayer's Fishing Gear Guide!


I have a question why sea dog hat are they all the same?

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Yes, seadog is a placeholder for all the hats that all do the same thing.

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what hat is tht (The useless item part)

Lucky hat and bait vest

Can’t be surprised I guess


Wait there are only 4 different types of rods?

All the other new ones are the same lol. Adding them would be pointless because they’re just alternatives for people who have too much to spend


pipe is quite useless in my opinion, i got it from achievement but it literally slowed my strike, i got better strike without gear.

Pipe is for ingredient bro :l

He knows this already

Wow nice ty for this


damn, my bad then, thought its for strike…

Ooo! That’s super cool Neo!


I’ve been using Lucky Hat for forever now, got a lot of Large Tuna more than medium with carbon superior

Placebo effect doing its job, I see.

Infact i’ve been using lucky hat, bait earring and bait vest.

I agree with the subheading that says “optional gear for people who suck at fishing”. I see no other gear as valuable other than strike frequency for every rod and for titanium deep sea hat/bait earring. I use amulet on my fishing set though but worm necklace is definitely not a bad option and ultimately I guess it’s just personal preference. Do you want faster gems or do you not want to lose potential gems?

Indeed, but the thing is that the rate of a fish stealing your bait tends to be so low that in the long run, more strike is always more worth it