Good fishing world for ingredients

Does anyone know a good fishing world for ingredients or how to get them while fishing?
I’m using bubble pipe, red glow lure and pf scarf

i think any world with a lot of water is ok since more water means more strike.
also make sure you’re using neon spoon, red glowing lure or lucky lure

try my world SEMFISH

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Ok thank you, i will try your world out.

I am a fisher myself.

Based on experience, testing, and other players’ opinion, The best fishing world to fish ingredients would be worlds with deep depth of ANY water. For example, SEAANGLER, TUNA, etc.

However, I don’t recommend fishing only for ingredients, fish for fish gems.

The best rod would be fast-strike ones, like bamboo or fiberglass. Don’t use carbon or Titanium, they are slow.

If you are looking for in-depth fishing guide,

please search in this forum: “Fishing Guide by Mindaw”

good luck!

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