Hangar chest bug

Today when i wanted to open some chests with the tokens it got stuck on last 2 and it just was shaking uncontrollably i was thinking it might be a prize too big for the box or it needs to hatch like hatchimals or something it took forever then i restarted the game and i didn’t have any tokens left, HMM SKEM?

and then after i restarted hoping it would fix and refund me it just ate my tokens, hmm PW SKEM? REP0RT?

I want Elon Musk SpaceX rocket for refund.

Unless the game completely broke, you may have got the items from opening the chests before the game crashed, and you may just not have noticed. Make sure you have the same amount of cogs as before, and everything.

No i didnt i mean i had one token left and one opening so it happend on my last 2 tokens so i bassicly didnt even spin the last one and it is just gone

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Oh, that sucks. Did you at least get an item from the first one?

No it just ate my tokens lmao

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Yikes, definitely needs to be looked into.

When did this happen (exact date/hour) and what was the username?

Edit: The server claimed you had no token to open the chest with.

Looks like it’s possible to get a token locally if another player finishes at the same time as you do. So it’s basically a sync issue where your inventory differs from the server version.

That must’ve been one close race…

Hm so those 2 tokens were visual? it happened at like 23:25 GMT+1 and on the account Drunkhunter, I guess i gotta go slower idk even how i did it at same time because i was always last to finish and there weren’t any close calls.
Btw i noticed tho that after the first and second race i had 4 tokens instead of 2 i was thinking its maybe an daily bonus for the first race but ye it doubled twice so i was confused. Rly strange bug tho.