🐜 Bugs Megathread

The purpose of this thread is to gather known bugs in Pixel Worlds, get feedback and find out ways to replicate them and ultimately fix them all.


  • Check that the info you are posting isn’t already here, don’t post the same bug multiple times.
  • If you have additional info about a bug, feel free to post it. Don’t post if you don’t have anything to add.
  • Be as specific as you can! Add information like time and your in-game username.
  • If the bug happens often, try to replicate it and post the steps here! By doing this well enough you ensure that the bug will get fixed soon.
  • If it seems like the bug is difficult or impossible to replicate, try to add other details: What were you doing when the bug happened? Were other players present? etc.
  • Do not post bugs that can be exploited, lead to bans or are dangerous in other ways! If you are aware of such bugs, contact a moderator or send an email to support@kukouri.com. If these reports can prevent harm, the reporters are usually rewarded.

:red_circle: - Cannot reproduce / not enough information
:black_circle: - Bug under investigation
:yellow_circle: - Team working on a fix
:green_circle: - Bug fixed for an upcoming update


Known bugs in 1.7.0:

Any platform
Microsoft Store

Fixed bugs

  • Running out of cards and losing in the card tournament now displays the correct rating loss
  • Players can no longer lose rating when below Stone League in card tournament
  • Breaking a Mount Rule Bot now causes the temporary mount to be unequipped
  • The Flying Magnet perk now works properly in all directions
  • Familiar eggs can now be stored to bank
  • Entering a portal right after manual respawn will cause the game to go out of sync
  • Inventory animations stop when moving a card from inventory to collection
  • The quest “Like a Dragon” now requires 10 wins in Jet Race
  • Players should no longer see “No store connection” for special in-app purchases
  • [Android] Disconnecting while making a purchase now restores the purchase after game restart

Sometimes this bug occurs when going to feed pets. Trigger might be when taking the treasure from their run

A second bug, is that or it just takes forever to load sometimes, usually when feeding, like this.

Menu Bug:

Happened when i clicked → SOCIALWORLDS

  • [Probably waited 10 seconds, before clicking WORLDS]


It usually happened to me sometimes. If i remember, it has a low chance to happen when you feed it too fast

Just adding some extra info here: Seems to trigger easier of the chat opened all the way.


Jake fixed the Menu Bug last thursday, it’s working now.

Didn’t hear of this. Was it some kind of playlist issue?

I believe there was too many videos. (More than 10)

Posting again since it’s not repaired yet. Bug report

Sometimes when I open my inventory all the way the arrow to open chat disappears.

I am on an iPhone 11, not sure what OS update I’m on, but it’s been doing this for a while. I’m not up to date on my OS but it’s been doing this since a few updates ago.


Just a few bugs-

  • Graph bar is sometimes above the dots at the Buy section in PWE. Occurs when clicking on info button after going from Orders section although I am still unable to reproduce it step- by step, happens at random.

  • Buy button would sometimes stop functioning- when clicking the button icon becomes darker but does not respond until restarting the game. (on mobile, Android 7.0)

  • After watching an Ad (full length) and clicking X or Close nothing happens- the previous screen has only the background. Happens at daily bonus chests, watch an ad for another booster pack or for opening another slot in PWE Sell section (mobile version)

  • The name of the owner at the world with beginner’s lock does not update if the lock was placed while being a Subject_ and changing the name to the permanent one. I am still the owner of the world though.

  • The Pixel Bot would say that the event ends in 0 days regardless of how many it should be. The event is already done but it might come as a reference for future events.


IGN: Steven101
Nether bug, I’m not sure how to replicate it, happened to me twice while doing 150+ runs past few weeks, other 2 people in the same nether were able to leave normally

There’s a bug that I reported on discord last year but never got fixed. Where if someone that’s in a level 10 clan but not reputation level 10 is changing a perk, people in the world visually loses 100 bytes, they must restart their game, rejoining the world does not help

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Which buy button? Can you get a screenshot of this?

Sorry for not explaining- in Pwe->Buy tab->clicking on item and the green buy button itselft would sometimes stop responding.
I have noticed that sometimes it could be triggered by opening some item in the buy tab then going into orders, looking into info of some item and returning to the buy tab again.
Although this time I could not get it to repeat…
I thought that it might have been issue with connection but I remember that people were moving just fine.
If I notice this again I will try to note the steps taken and will update.
Thank you.

A small update on bug regarding the world name not changing from a subject into perment one.
The same thing happened with a pet and a normal world lock’ed world. I have changed the password in-game but have not noticed if it started happening after of before this. It might be just my account that is weird.
Re-logging did not fix this, nor wiping data/cache of the app and re-installing it.
This happens on the mobile, I will edit this post tomorrow after trying on pc.

I agree with lvl 10 clan reputation problem but there’s one more:

If i play game my Screen just freezes and i have to restart the game.

But all other things float perfecrly on my Screen (screenshot maker,recorder etc.)