Hello and i am Ronen

hello I am Ronen and I want to mod in pixel worlds i have only 83 subscribers on my Youtube chanel but it’s not mean i can’t be a mod
I got a lot of scams and i want to done with is please help me get 10,000 subscribers i want to be part of communt. please i want to done with this my brother got scam hack 200 wls xjp in this time i did nothing
cuz i don’t have any tools so please commander Jake give me the tools so i will ban ppl for this

from Ronen Shalmaev RonenPw is my youtube chanel (:

Ronen this is not the place, also English 100


Hey , i dont think they accept mod applications but best of luck on your yt channel!


These aren’t the requirements to be a mod, and you used the wrong topic selection


Fixed Version :

Hello! I’m Ronen and I currently have a desire to become a moderator in Pixel Worlds, I only have 83 subscribers on my YouTube channel, but to me, I don’t think that means I can’t be a moderator. please help me get to 10.000 Subs, I got scammed a lot and I want to do this with my brother who has recently been scammed/hacked in total of 200 wls and a XJP, I couldn’t do anything to catch/ban the hacker/scammer because I don’t have the tools, so please Commander_K or Jake give me the ban tool so I can ban people for their wrong doings

from Ronen Shalmaev, RonenPw is my youtube chanel :slight_smile:

My Thoughts :

Having subscribers do not help in being a mod, only to become an influencer.

You don’t need subscribers that much to be a part of the community, as long as you give a good atmosphere to the community you’re technically already a part of it


okay ronan. just message me and you will become mod.
welcome to the team


Meanwhile: OMG NEW SECRET PW DEVELOPER :scream: :boom: :exploding_head: Shawn interview Free mod (not clickbait)


i am here and i want to thanks for support

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Ronen pw its me orangehairguy member of the dev team you are now a mod


so whats my name in pixel worlds?

There’s two secret developers :exploding_head:


but i check now i am not mod

Ofc u not btw your name in-game is ronen 12345?

you forgot 6 xD soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

this thread is pretty much sarcasm and hot takes


Your name is ronen123456 that name will soon be blue

ok thanks you a nice frieand

I can’t tell if this is actually sarcasm or not at this point


for one part, replies and the post itself are sarcasm
most replies are hot takes lol

What a great thread :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: