Hiring EXPers for Moonlapse Clan

Yeah i am currently under considering rules for hiring EXPers.

Planned Rules set is here.

  1. EXPers have minium amount to make in 7 days 1,4 milj. exp (weekly average)
  2. Payment is related purely on exp amount as they are not required deposit for clan update 1 milj xp/ 1000 bc (100k/100bc)
  3. No auto botting are allowed, player location must be on.
  4. If any problems hired player is using macros / autos / hacks. Instant kick / termination of agreement will be placed and report will be send.
  5. When clan is reaching lvl / exp amount what planned and informed before agreement, EXPers *will have no perma spot in clan.
    • What would be minium Price for million xp reasonable to pay so i get players intrested to making exp ?
    • Minium exp / day would be limit so players could participate ?
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Advert : ! Hiring Expers for 50 milj xp !.

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Buying 50 MILJ EXP by 50 000 BC !! … anyone intrested yet ?

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50 million EXP is a lot… nobody in our clan even has 50 million by themselves. Just to be clear – that would require 2,502 stacks of spike bombs broken or so (each stack gives 20,000 EXP). I don’t think any individual could reasonably provide that and certainly not for 50,000 bytes only


It will take 416 hours to get 50 million xp farming spike bombs just for 50k bc

When mining if you earn let’s say 5k bc an hour you can earn 2,008,000 bc instead of 50k bc

Seems like an awful deal to me

Mining will earn you 40 times more than this I would estimate fishing to earn 10 times more

(This is all estimated btw)


6k actually


Imagine wasting 416 hours of your life breaking spike bombs just for a currency worth around 4$ irl


Actually when u dont need use Gems for any other ,50 k is free income just making exp

It doesnt matter how u actually make exp 50k bc is income.

I didn’t say which way exp has to be made that there is minium exp / week to hire.
50 000 BC is Still income when doesnt require to spend any gems for other.

50k is silly for 17 days of 24/7 breaking continueously without eating drinking or sleeping or pooping or visiting the doctor, or petting your pets or playing sports or going to school

i’d much rather spend 1 hour whenever i feel like it for 6k, thanks

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I look players who are intrested Earn Extra income as simple.
*200k xp / day. its not impossible i had more than year over 300k / day average.

Except not everyone wants to spend hours on pw for a punny payment.

You get 1249749 bytes worth of gems every time you do yhis
(50 pl)

Offer is not meant players who stay afk., it’s meant for players who actually play game :smiley:
And they really want earn some extra without any costs.
All gems they anyways earn are ofcourse theirs and Bytes as free with it when exping.

Is there really anyone who farms sb 24/7 though because its extremely hard to get 50m xp by mining and fishing.

You can’t even find a person who mines and fishes 24/7 let alone find a person who farms 24/7 :skull: Unless, you know, bots


I am going to work hard 24 hours a day, just for you! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Yeah anyone who actually is dedicated to the game knows the best ways the game is played and the best use of their time in the game, and that is not by farming since there are far better options nowadays


Well basicly seems here players are just passive and negative in first hand any extra income seems ignored just.

  • in forums
    Example making 200k exp in Nether = 5 h / day depends on Player skills and speed
    Fishing is 7h-8h day
    Mining its 6k with Plat key each time exp / 6-8 mins ( 34 times ) aprox 6 h / day
    SB farming solo - 13 mins / 20k exp 4,5 Hours aprox
    Harvesting tons SB farms and replanting 50,9k / 23 mins.
    and **Just say i do not want earn extra 50 k bc **