How do you feel about jetrace?

You read the title, I wanna know what people think about jetrace
Because I am definitely not the only one who wants a jetrace rework/buff
The rewards are honestly so underwhelming
The jetrace itself is fine but its way too expensive, the extra VIP races honestly feel like more of a punishment than a reward, because who wants to spend like 3k gems on a single race?
Jake said that it’s not profitable because you need a place where you can spend your gems just to have fun (Or something like that)
I presonally don’t think getting 2 gears from the reward chest is fun, replace most of the gear prizes with some wearsables or something, I dont think anyone enjoys getting 20-80 Silver gears from 10 chests

I feel like the most expensive it should get is 1.2k and the VIP ones should cost around 500-750

About the mounts
Its honeslty so annoying that whenever you enter a world without a mount rule bot your mount just gets removed
I would really love to wear the mount sometimes as just a cosmetic thing
Maybe change it so you can use a mount anywhere but the flying + the speed sliding thing gets removed and you can only use those features with a mount bot


They’ve been discussing ways to improve jetrace, and one of the things Jake mentioned was making it appear monthly as opposed to always being available. My guess is that they think it’ll make it more special just like the halloween event. I remember them talking about other stuff too, but I forgot :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:
I think he did mention that the prizes will eventually be improved

Aki already told me that :roll_eyes:

Well I told Aki :roll_eyes:

I want a PvP system revamp/buff.

Something like this would be cool: An extension to the Jetrace Update

The only reason I would do jet race is for the achievements and even then it’s not worth it given the rewards you get from the achievements. I think even something small such as making gears tradeable would bump up jet racing a lot

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