How to get rich?

I have just started the game, and don’t know what is a good way to get rich. Can anyone help me?

Join Pixel worlds game discord at 3 am and summon the scary creature called “Mod” and then you just gotta ask

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M I N I N G. :exploding_head:

Nah but seriously, you can find some nice guides on youtube how to profit but also i can give you one for beginners here.

Go to pixelmines and get yourself the crappy pickaxe from this vendor:

(it will be free the first time you’ll buy it)

And enter the level 1 mine (it’s right next to the vendor), it will be free to enter it.
Collect the nuggets and ores that are around and once you got enough/almost all of them exit the mine. (the exit will be located at the bottom of the mine) Sell the gems to this vendor:

And use the nuggets to craft level 2 keys by holding the nuggets on your inventory and click on “combine”. After, sell those keys to players via the trade system or if you can, put them in the pwe exchange terminal.

Here is a complete guide that i’ll link you with really detailed informations about mining if you are interested!


People are getting offended by jokes nowadays, what has forums turned into.

P.S: You don’t need to be rich to enjoy the game but farming and mining are the best options!

Farming, Fishing, Dungeons or Mining. Mining gives you the best profit but you should choose profession that you find more interesting and comfortable for you. Since you have just started playing, I don’t recommend using a Basic Bamboo Rod or Crappy Pickaxe. Netherworld is good for beginners in my opinion …or you may want to find Obsidian, Marble and Lava. Get those blocks at random generated worlds under the ground until you get 10-20 seeds of each, then crossbreed Obsidian and Marble and you get Magic Stuff. Farm Lava and Magic stuffs and crossbreed some into Doors. You can quickly sell doors or door seeds at PWE. Repeat the process until you get enough bytecoins for a Flawless Bamboo Rod or Basic Pickaxe.

My tip is don’t focus on getting rich too much as you’ll easily get bored playing the game; socialize and make friends, too. Goodluck!

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Hosting drip games is a good option.

Is it worth it to buy the red scrolls for nether?

No, unless you’re a newbie or a starter

Once you get enough bytes then mining is always the best surefire way to profit

Step 1: Give me your credit card details
Step 2: give me username and password
Step 3: i will give you bytes

I got rich off playing the nether. I sold nether crystals :smiley:

With gems, yes. I don’t recommend using bc for them

sheesh you have the triple jump wing

I had, i sold them like a week ago lol

How many platinum keys did it took you to get the wotd?

582 + 580 sooo like 1132 or something

Well damn. That’s like finishing the Butterfly Quest.