How to make byte coins the main currency

The answer is Angel Wings.
Yes. Angel wings. I know what you’re thinking. You probably think it’s overrated or cliché. But that’s the entire point. This is THE item opportunity. No matter what item that may look cooler in your opinion, or even mine - the answer is guaranteed to be angel wings. They’re a globally known thing across every game.

Remember elite watergun? They will do something like that. Except there’s a lot of wings. Way more than the gun, but they’re still limited. The devs have the data to 7 calculate the total amount of world locks in game (and maybe even gems if you’re super daring), and the average byte per world lock ratio.

  • They can up the conversion of bytes to the current one of 300/wl in the NPC, and use that amount of almost all the world locks combined.

  • People will be forced to convert world locks, because no matter what they might think about angel wings, the demand will be too high to ignore.

  • A way to compress bytes perhaps, to make it easier to calculate for people who have smoll brain.

  • Bytes also need more uses to make world locks obsolete. Perhaps an NPC that will require one singular world lock for something. I dunno, that’s just some extra stuff.

  • Other ways to spend bytes. New NPC’s, etc.

  • Stop putting world locks as prizes in the damn VIP bonus.

When the sales are over, world locks will become so rare that people will begin to wonder why it’s a currency to begin with, and realize how easy it is to move into PWE now that there’s enough bytes to go around to buy or sell anything you want.


As much as I love bytecoins way more than world locks, this seems kind of hard to pull off imo.
But it’s really not a bad idea nonetheless, I’m still a little confused as to how wings will solve everything, but the other things are neat.
Not sure how compressed bytecoins would work though.

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As I (hopefully) stated in the post, the cost total of all the wings is equivalent to most of the world locks in existence (at least by active players)


Oh, I must have misread, sorry.

To be fair, they should of made byte coins the main currency near the beginning of the games life but if we truly wanted (as a community) to make byte coins the main currency. It would take a year or two to truly convince people to use it and to make locks just locks and before you say “they could just make it to where you have to exchange your world locks into byte coins before this date” that would dismay a good number of players. As they like world locks being the currency to not wanting to understand another currency entirely. The longer they wait, the harder it will be to pull this band aide

I personally would love to see bytecoins being the main currency.

Introducing: ByteCash!

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I’d say the problem isn’t really here, rather the lack of ability to purchase World Lock using ByteCoins. What good of a currency if the official system actually puts World Lock into a higher hierarchy (i.e. World Lock is able to purchase anything, but ByteCoin, the supposed official currency, cannot even be used to purchase World Lock)? I have put up this suggestion long ago, but I got an info saying that the developers aren’t interested to implement this. Whether that was a false information relayed on to me or not, I don’t know. But it is clear as day to me that ByteCoin is much overlooked by the developer team even though it’s them who want us to have proper currency.

EDIT: I realized that one of the potential reason as to why this is not implemented is because the developers don’t want the ByteCoins circulating in the economy to be instantly pumped, causing a pseudo-inflation that may actually render the whole currency taken out of the economy by the players. If this is the case, then I can somehow understand their concern, and perhaps there needs to be a lot more thoughts involved to determine what would be the best alternative. I certainly wouldn’t want my money to suddenly worth nothing but a grain of wheat due to sudden inflation and market being unable to contain the whole ‘useless money’.

That’s what I said originally, but I think Jake was talking about changing things on discord and I thought maybe I should be vocal on it here too since I was basically ignored on there while everyone was like “lol just make wls untradeable”

On the discord, jake said that if they were to do a major switch from byte to world locks, then their plan would probably be:

  • make them untradable
  • set the box conversation rate to the average player rate at the time
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I agree with both as if you make them untradeable they can’t be currencies from player to player anymore and so the ones who still have so much wls will be able to convert them to bc in that price

I’d like to see byte coin to be the main currency, but that would be weird when you have million byte coin (If someone that have tons wls converted the wls to byte), and what i’m thinking is what about non game traders?

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Interesting idea. To be honest, I would like to see more people using the byte coins and the PWE to trade stuff. That way, it would be much easier to find things you want in the global marketplace.

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Why would it be weird? It’s not uncommon to see rich people in the millionaire scale…

I agree with this idea , bytecoins as main currency. Hope people realize it too

People would probably just perceive it as weird at first, because they’re used to only having Bytes in the thousands. That’s my guess as to why Blackwight thinks it would be weird.

But not every player (me included) would want to buy these wings. For those with large amounts of pls, they would probably buy 1-2 and still have pls to spare. When they are released, byte coin price and demand will just go crazy, but eventually everything will stabilise and all who want the wings will have bought them.

As much as a LOT of people would hate this, I think it’d be neat.
Though it’d also be kind of a bad thing because that (might?) disable world trading, and also you would ONLY be able to buy world locks with gems.

I was waiting for someone to mention this on the forums :smiley: My friend has been mentioning it to me as an item idea since forever, though it never really happened, still waiting :3

I honestly think this wouldn’t be such a bad idea, your post alone makes me want to save those byte coins up, you know what we’re like… “Just in caaase”. Even if a developer just sliiiightly suggested the possibility of “angel wings” or another limited item ever being added with byte coins like the elite guns back then would get many people on alert, having them convert most of their world lock to byte coins, and not the other way around like it happens right now.

This is just how I can see things evolving, of course there’s no guarantee but it’s definitely a good idea to start with.

Most people with a large amount of PLs would know it’s a good idea to hoard them.

Considering so many exist, I disagree. It would essentially be a more valuable steam hat, only even more will exist.