Huge poll

how do you earn wls?
  • fishing (goldfish, butterflyfish, kingfish, herring)
  • fishing (tuna, carp, halibut)
  • fishing (crab, sea angler)
  • mining lvl3
  • mining lvl4
  • mining lvl5
  • farming (spike bombs)
  • farming (other farmables)
  • brewing potions
  • making familiar food
  • pet adventures
  • buy low/sell high
  • netherworld
  • deep nether
  • jet race
  • bsp shop
  • lure shop
  • booster shop (scream for help)
  • making mining/fishing gear
  • WHERE IS ______? (reply)

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where is hoarding

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Where is mass producing?

Where is illegal trading & scamming?

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I fish Goldfish or Butterfly!

Where is Collecting

Where is hacking and using exploits

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This poll is almost as huge as something silly of mine :crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face:

Am i the one who earn wls with nether?
I earn 1 wls every week :c

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If you like having fun, then Nether is the way.

But for profit, you might want to choose another job/profession.

I have a guide on how to choose your profession, here.

Where is magic?

Nobody does nether other than me and Vano :cry:

Collecting =/= Hoarding. You can ask @Neoslayer about it.

I do nether. I like to collect nether crystals.