I return again, and the devs screw me over. (final rant)

Bruh. Why did they have to make world locks untradeable?



returned from the quit,

Look… Kukouri… Is this revenge against my rant about bytes? About my support for world locks being a stable currency type item vs bytes being unstable?

Let’s not be too hasty fella’s. Just calm down. We can go back from this. It’s reversible.

I just came back… And spent all my totally hard earned not bought gems on world locks. How the heck was I supposed to know this was going to happened?

~sobbing~ ~gasping for oxygen~ ~laughing in disbelief~ ~hyperventilating~ :sob: :sob: :sob:

Okay… This is pre-emptive 2022 April Fools joke, right? Or is this a 2021 late April Fools?

Here’s the plan. I’m going wake up tomorrow and…

  1. This will have never happened… It was all a nightmare… A glitch in the Matrix.
  2. I’m going to look like a fool.

Look… Bois. Kukouri. I will delete my statements. Don’t


this to me! PLEASE!
Don’t force me to spam the support email again.
It’s over fellow pixel gamers. It’s 100% unlikely that they’ll ever reverse this decision.

In which case, I’ll reaffirm my stance against byte coins…

Byte coins are the worst.

RIP in peace World Lock giveaways, my only source of fun/gratitude in this hellscape.

RIP Lore.

I hope all of you forget about me.


~kikopower 2017-2021

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Other items can be given away. You can sell the World Locks for 250BC each at the PW exchange.


Mate. I just quit and uninstalled the game for the final time.

You’re too late.

Bye bye then XDDddD.


Welp Goodbye but your reaction is really stupid right now. Byte coins are doing fine, nothing bad happened since we use bc for more than 1 week already


Well this rant was very sloppy compared to your other rants
I’m sure the devs made wls untradeable just because of you, because you’re the main character, obviously.


Look mate… I’m just frustrated. It’s supposed to be act. Role-play.

Calling it stupid downplays on the emotions and understanding of this.

Byte coins are a fluctuating currency. It’s a get rich quick scheme. It’s OSRS. It’s the heckin stock market.

A world lock will always be a world lock. The price never changes. That’s what makes it safe. Because no other party could say otherwise as it was definitive.

I just came back after a long hiatus (as usual) and I’m shocked to find out bytecoins is the main currency now. I’m not even a fan of it, but of course I’ll get used to it sooner or later. I’ve already talked to a few players and even they said they don’t like it at all.

I salute you.

Have a good and safe day.

Yes but it isn’t taxed.
So as time passes by, it will lose value as the economy progresses.

The price of the currency doesn’t change, but the purchasing power of said currency certainly fluctuates, depending on a multitude of variables.


why did u buy wls with gems ._.
you know u can still trade them for bytes right?

this topic is amazing for the wrong reasons.


I can’t tell if this is like a joke thread or something or if you’re like being maximum drama queen.
You can turn world locks into Bytecoins with the NPC, and I don’t know if it’s still going or not, but they changed the NPC’s exchange rate to match that of the common WL price, so there’s no money lost.

But if this is a joke thread, you literally NAILED it LOL, I find over the top drama stuff like this hilarious for some reason


I hate to break it to you mate but I don’t think the devs even know about your existence so I don’t think they did it just to screw you over lol

Anyways, cry about it :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


Also aren’t you that dude who kept crying on the discord because they didn’t get a legendary in the bt from 10k gems?


uh late reply soz

i haven’t touched discord in a while

actually… that doesn’t even hit close to home… i’ve been disconnected for quite a while because of… my mom has breast cancer and i’m taking care of her personal reasons…


also to everyone else…

Like I said… This is an act… It’s role… Okay… F-fff… It’s a joke thread.

You’re all going to be proud of me when you see the true Grand Finale.