I return and everything is ruined (forum rant #2)

Massive scams, dupes, and the market is ruined.

I don’t know the full story, but I’ve seen enough to know the current state of affairs.

I guess my “quit rant” didn’t get through to the ones responsible for this game.

But I will also admit… It was my fault for not being specific enough.

It’s funny… Because… This could lead into a massive international class action lawsuit. I’m just saying… I’m not enforcing it. But… It’s a possibility.

Hundreds, if not thousands revenue worth of virtual goods lost… Because of the inadequate and incompetent measures that have been put in place.

I’m not blaming anyone… But it seems as if someone is at fault. We only had advocates against such violations of the Terms of Service. Not enough preventative measures.

It’s also ironic… How the anti cheat mechanics didn’t detect such actions. And yet… When I advocated for such measures… It banned me, an innocent player, for doing nothing. That was last year. During the September… Was it September… Incident.

There are also not enough moderators to go around in order to enforce the rules. We need the presence of competent moderates from multiple time zones willing to enforce the rules. But… The rules are a complete and utter joke. A lot of users don’t seem to follow the rules.

That brings us to now.

Things happen. It’s no one’s fault. But someone is responsible. I’m not naming anyone.

I am also requesting an official audit of the current situation. Innocent users have been caught in the crossfire on the basis of “wrong place at the wrong time”. In fact, a good friend of mine was banned recently… And for what? They claim to have not been caught doing anything suspicious nor have they done anything prohibited. Why were they ousted like that? I’ll tell you why. Because of incompetence.

On the topic of scams… Don’t get scammed. People get scammed. Don’t get scammed. People get scammed. Don’t get scammed. People get scammed. Don’t get scammed. People get scammed. It’ll happen, and keep on happening. It’s a infinite cycle of repetition and contradiction. People will keep on coming up with new ways to scams victims. The victims lose out in the end. They take all the blame, faults, ridicule, criticism, and loss for their failures. This same format applies to cheats as well. Don’t cheat. People cheat. Victims take the blame.

The point that I’m trying to get to is… Well… I formally volunteer myself for the position of moderator. Take this entire rant as my application. I realize that I already quit a while ago… But when I look back on this game… I remember how much time and effort I’ve put into it. I’ve come to the revelation that I can’t leave things are they are.

Kukouri and the administrative team of this game states that they are in no need of moderators at the moment. I disagree and say that is an opinion that doesn’t reflect the true state that we’re currently in at the moment.

Take it as you will… This is my application. I have no sense of obligation. I know that this sort of thing is a waste of time for me. I know that I’ll be declined. I know that this is not the most popular game out there. Why am I doing this… Or rather… Who am I doing this for? For the victims of today. For the victims of tomorrow.

I rest my case.


Well they do take some of the blame for believing such of a thing that’s too good to be true, while the hackers/scammers are blamed for the crimes they did. It seems as if only the victims get blamed, because they’re more exposed to the public, they search for help publicly, whilst the criminal just runs away, being almost unknown

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And tell me…

We have Plan A. The first line of defense.

  • The moderators and administrators
  • The rules
  • The report system

Plan A is flawed.

  • Not enough presence by the moderators and administrators
  • The rules aren’t enforced enough
  • The report system is clogged by fake or spam reports and anonymous users

Where’s Plan B? Where are the preventative measures? Where’s the development against such actions? Why do we keep on getting more and more $$$ making updates? Where are the security updates?

Where’s Plan C? And D? And E, F, G, and all the way to Z.

Let me answer that. There is none.

The criminals keep on getting away. Fun times.

The fact that we keep targeting the wrong victim is the reason of why this system is really flawed. Yes, we may have caught the scammers, but not the “Mastermind”. Instead, we keep targeting innocent people (those who are just watching), instead of focusing on that mastermind himself.

The developers could make a system where there would be a report cooldown, before finally being able to re-report. But then again, like you said, they’re most likely busy on those $$$ updates.

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market is fine, but Jake can’t make decisions at all

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Well kiko, I guess you have missed too much. A lot of things have been happening in the game, and not only what you just mentioned previously.
By the way, I guess the administrators are already working on these things.


Lol this entire thread is just a moderator application


Whoa! How did you know!?! Let me guess… Someone snitched.

Haha, all jokes aside… You’re partly correct. However, this is more of a rant than anything else. An application would follow a much more formal, anonymous, and respectful format. But this doesn’t. Hence, this being a forum rant, I have decided to exclude personal information that one would include in an official application.

first you’re saying to take it as an application now you’re saying not to? make your mind up :thinking:

anyway, i agree that there are problems with the game in regards to moderation but i don’t think the developers in this department care enough. sure, they’ll sometimes hire new moderators but then all of a sudden they’ll just go inactive for weeks at a time. in my opinion, i don’t think the solution is more mods, i think the solution is better mods.

You don’t know what you are talking about.

Play Growtopia for two minutes, then make another rant here.

actual bruh moment transparent

I’ll get straight to the point. You’re correct. I don’t know what I’m talking about.

However, I can’t make the same assumption for Growtopia. Even if I have to admit that core/major mechanics of both games are similar, and/or carbon copies of each other. In the end, both are different games.

Basically, you’re telling me to compare apples to oranges. Dirt to dust. Paper to wood. Compare and contrast. Generic analogies…

I have come to the conclusion that the floor is cardboard. The Earth is flat. The sky is down.

Because I have not played Growtopia, and will not associate or affiliate myself with the game or it’s community, I cannot make any fair assumption on the matter at hand. I am in no way, shape, or form, obligated to do so. Thus, whatever events or failures that have occurred, on that platform, are none of my concerns nor responsibility.

I’m just that it’s a possibility. I’m not advocating it. But I’ve heard and seen it happen to other MMO’s. The reason you don’t hear about it too often is because players don’t care, don’t have the knowledge, don’t have a reason to do it, don’t have the mental capacity, and/or the temperament to file a lawsuit.

That or they don’t have the assets to fund a lawsuit, or they’re all minors with parents that think it’s a big waste of time to play MMOs and spend money on it…

Blah blah blah blah blah… So on and so forth.

My point isn’t to compare the two games, but to make a point about the fact that you haven’t seen a poorly managed game if you think that this one is. Growtopia was just the best example I came up with at the moment, the game also being conveniently similar to Pixel Worlds.

On a side note, of course the ones who get scammed are to blame as well, what do you expect?
Scammers don’t exist without dumb people.

Okay… First… Calm down.

Second… Please stop coming at me with Growtopia. I don’t anything about it.

Third… I’m going to assume that by “poorly managed game”, you don’t just mean scams, dupes, and a crashed market. I’m going to assume that you mean the “M O T H E R L O A D”… I can’t just name any game I play that meets this requirement. So… There’s only one that comes to my mind.

Alright? Then…

I’ll see you later in… ROBLOX.

Don’t keep me waiting.

Fourth and final… I question the ethical mindset of that statement. What did I expect? I expect a normal answer. Scammer exist… Because of circumstances. The system allows them to exist. Not just in this game. But in all games. If we wanted to get really meta, in real life as well.

You imply that the the victims of scammers are dumb people. I assume that you’re not talking about the dumb people being the ones who were supposed to prevent and mitigate the scammers. Essentially… You question… If not insult their intellect. What a way to add insult to injury. That is quite astounding.

We have to stop blaming the victims. Or else we’ll never learn.

Just reading that made me lose some faith in humanity.

Comparing the Management failures of this game to the failures of Growtopia is like comparing a singular rotten apple to a freight train filled with rotten fish.

It’s still important that we point out issues and poor management, as just because someone else does it worse does not mean another individual can slack off.

I just want to put in emphasis on the fact that there are games that exist out there… In a much worse state of affairs. Growtopia is like a walk in the park, but you suddenly get mugged by a stranger.

Growtopia is only the tip of the iceberg. It doesn’t even come close to Roblox. Trust me when I say… You’re better off not knowing what’s worse than Roblox. Just be glad that it stopped at “poor management” and nothing more.

Whoever is thinking about 2b2t… Stay there. Don’t continue any further than 2b2t. It is slightly better than Roblox. Promise.

Or else you’ll go down the rabbit hole… And you’ll discover some things that will keep you up at night.

Also, the reason I don’t want concern myself with Growtopia is because I literally know nothing on the topic. However, the same argument could be used against me and Roblox if I were to assume that you haven’t played that game/platform.

Apple and oranges. Let’s leave it at that.

I agree, except for the slight fact that I’m not comparing them, I’m giving an example of a poorly managed game.

To be fair 2b2t isn’t poorly managed in most senses of the word, as it is Intentionally chaotic due to its primary advertised goal, and it does a great job of achieving that goal.

If you want really poorly managed games simply look at older MMO type games such as Tibia or RuneScape.

One step further down the rabbit hole is Private Club Penguin Servers, which are not “poorly” managed but rather maliciously managed.

3 steps in, Town of Salem. Everyone is a psychopathic liar, a baker, or someone with a savior complex named after a certain religious figure.

5 step in, welcome to dupes, scams, and cheats galore. Realm of the Mad God. Your one stop shop for profit and loss.They want all of your money. Whatever you do… Don’t give it to them.

7 steps in, prepare yourself for the Unturned. Everyone is trying to hunt you down.

10 steps in, you find yourself in CS, CS:GO, and CS:S servers. You’ll find yourself going into bhop, surf, kz, ze, dm, danger zone, adventure, trading, gambling, matchmaking, faceit, and eventually pro. But don’t worry. Everyone is a bot. No one speaks English.

13 steps in, it’s Call of Duty. I advise not playing this lest you get DDoSed.

17 steps in, welcome to DayZ. No comment. Literally. Keep to yourself.

20 steps in, Garry’s Mod. There’s no turning back.

Eventually, you’ll encounter the weirdos who are even crazier than I am.

Public or public. Doesn’t really matter. When you go too deep, everything else starts to look like cupcakes and rainbows.

The things that people say and do will weigh down heavily on your mind.

I’m stopping myself now before I say some real shady stuff. This is getting real meta now. This is not even the original topic of this thread anymore.

What I’m trying to say is that Pixel Worlds is going to end up becoming like one of the many games out there due to lax rules, presence, and system mechanics.