I return to the forums, and

The “welcome back” I get is massive spam on the FIRST THREAD I post.
I also made sure to not bring up any controversial topics that would stir up drama (Wii, bans, SSN, Twitch AFF,…) to avoid exactly this.

What else do you need? Is every single thread I post automatically spam and drama-worthy?

I seriously tried to return to the forums in a calm manner, but…

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What do you think about the hit game called among us?

do you want to join the pixeulhunters?

Just ignore people who post spammy stuff on your threads… they messing out with out i guess…

Just stop posting about the same things (will, bans, etc etc… you surely know more the list than i do).

Since i’m active on the forums i noticed that there is some persons who just want to annoy you in all the way possbile (insults, harrassement, sh… post / replies).
Just ingore then and you’ll be fine, they will most likely stop after a while.

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Yes, but they still distract serious threads from their actual point.

Hey. :slight_smile:

Welcome back :grimacing:

Welcome back ondrashek , forums was boring without you

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Just ignore them.
Your threads about mii etc may not interest people and they have rights to express their thoughts.

But it’s better to ignore the persons who do off-topic in your topics or make jokes at you because once you enter the loop of :

“no my topic is not a spammy one”

– “just stop posting the same thing”

“bruh i do what i want and post whatever i want”

It’s hard to get out of this endless loop… sooo next time just ignore people who post inappropriate replies on your topics and may start to use the flag button.

(Just remember to not abuse it as it’s might get you suspended if you do fake flags for example.)

I’ve flagged these posts for a bit, but they have been letting these posts slide in exchange for letting my Wii/ban posts slide. So…

Hmm… it’s true that there is a real need of more moderation here because Freak can’t manage the whole forums himself ALONE.

The other forums moderators just shows time to times but it’s clear that they are inactive… If they were not, trust me, the forums would be different and change drastically…

I guess the best option is now is to wait that Jake create a new moderator application and hope he select people who will be active and bring back a active moderation here.

Meanwhile… well… just flag posts for a good reason and hope that Freak will check it out and take actions…

Jake isn’t the only admin though… Why do people tend to give credit only to him? There’s also Dev, MV, EndlesS…

As far as i know, Jake is the one who do that and it’s seems a bit logic because he is the community manager, he manage the community.

I can be wrong also… It’s maybe Dev, Endless or someone else who decide to do this but for me it’s would be logic that it’s Jake who will do that because as a community manager, you have (in my opinion) to take care of a community and make choices to keep the entire community safe and do changes if needed (in this case, recruit more moderators)

Here is my point of view about this… you surely get the point i think of what a Community Manager should or / should not do.

I mean, Jake doesn’t do Account Promotions to Influencer, it is Siskea who does them.

Yes because Siskea was hired so now it’s her who do that. But i think it’s was Jake that was doing promotions to influencer (now called creator) back them.




tbh if he continues getting angered by insignificant things, this is gonna turn out to be like the whole Chris Chan Sonicchu fiasco

This isn’t an “insignificant thing”, multiple users are brigading to fill my posts with off-topic posts and spam. That distracts the threads from the main topic.