I think it's time to avoid P2P

Hello everyone, I hope you are doing great and safe! P2P worlds is a huge negative impact on Pixelians, especially on the players’ networth. I have seen more then 20 players quitted because of P2P.
First of all, P2P owners and who have rights are mostly using some tricks to let someone win, second, they are scamming the players, third, if we don’t stop P2P it will be a massive breakover on the PIXELIANS and we dont want Pixel worlds to be like another game [I think you all know what I am talking about].
As an another solution, we can keep all P2P games, but we need to remove one of them, which is called “Micro” as I said before, who have rights in that room where u are playing , you are mostly going to lose because I have found a trick regarding it.
Please Pixel World’s moderators to something regarding the P2P worlds.


P2P is a legal casino. We’ve been saying this for ages…

For example: Tower, Run, Dodge, Cloud - are gambling games based on your skill.
Micro, casino, spin etc. - are gambling game based on random and luck.
There are a big difference between these types of games

Bruh… legal casino but illegal stuff is being done in that casino.
At least “Micro” should be stopped.

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Can someone tell me what on earth “micro” is?

just search on YouTube

Great explanation by Robert: