Ignore this thread


Don’t force people to make their software open-source, the same way you don’t force people to make art for free.

The guy makes money from the app through ads and microtransactions, that’s why he doesn’t want to make it open-source.

Why do you even want it to be open-source?

Lemme guess, this thread was made by ondra

who else would have made it other than the original thread creator

Yup, ideas are fine, just like no question is a bad question .

That’s the whole idea of forums!

Imposing your own will? Err no.

Would you make ur pw password open to everyone?

No you wont, so why ask basically the same thing from him?

imagine if dude posted his pass that would be funny xd

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It’s a bit odd that you know Ondrashek posts these threads since you just joined.

It’s not that he didn’t make it open-source. It’s the fact that when the idea is presented to him, along with facts and benefits of it, he becomes extremely stubborn and arrogant. Then he goes, reports me and gets me banned even though I apologized.

All just for a suggestion.

what i meant was, ‘clever clogs’ is that the creator of this thread obviously made this thread which is ondrashek.

or do you need me to dumb it down even more for you?

so you are banned for criticism, basically?

Nice observation

I have a huge feeling your saying this to make me mad. It isn’t working.

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You kept constantly asking him to make it open-source whenever you were in chat which I agree is more than annoying. Calling him arrogant because he refuses to do so makes no sense. It seems like the only stubborn, arrogant person in that situation is yourself because you couldn’t take no as an answer for your suggestion. He gave two main reasons why he would not do so. One of them was spending months only on positioning every piece of wearable. Another one was profiting, as mentioned by @PirahSet.

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Ahh yes, profiting on another person’s/company’s property. Way to go.

thanks but its already obvious because you can clearly see ondras name

i didnt, believe it or not, but if you didnt get mad, thats a good thing

This guy tryna force someone to publicly release all the source code for free. What a wack idea, how could you do this to him?

Ahh yes, making a thread that’s absolutely useless. Way to go.
On the other hand, they aren’t profiting of their company’s property, but rather than the sight and the ads themselves. That’s like saying shooting a gun is wasting the police’ ammo.

Exactly, this is such a wack idea as he is a student and the ads at least give him a bit of income. This would all be stopped if made open source.

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How is this NOT a copyright and trademark violation.

Because he has done a lot for the game and Pixel Worlds as a company has rewarded him with the rights to the assets.