Is picking your nose bad?

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not gonna lie, its most original poll idea in these forums.

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The older people get, the more they start to ask these questions. Then they start to spread self-awareness on the most simplest of topics. It’s just human nature. Life is a constant debate where people question everything.

Let’s be honest… I pick nose. In public? Sure. When no one is looking? Yes. Is it bad? No. Then… Is it good? Definitely not good. Not unethical. But that’s bad hygienic practice. I would say it’s just a behavior habit.

By picking your nose right on the nostrils, bacteria reach to your fingernail and will multiply unless you wash em, soap lifts germs, oil, dirt, viruses (On viruses, soap destroy the virus’s fat, leaving it unable to infect you), once all those things have been lifted up, by washing it with water, your hands become slippery and water washes it away(This is probably not that true, take it with a grain of salt)

Go watch Kurzgesagt so you can become

S m o r t


Kurzgesagt is the


Black Holes, Human Nature, Viruses, Nuclear Power Debate, Deep Space/The Universe… So on and so forth. The animations are also colorful and amazing. The music in each video gives it the right setting and atmosphere.

why is this a topic

Because nose :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

And you get a snack how convenient

*Fazeus Proceeds to delete his post because he actually needs Kurzgesagt *

yes, i realized im not enough smort :cry:

picking your nose is really bad… but some people say picking your nose and eating it taste good :stuck_out_tongue:

Why did the apple fall from the tree?

Because Newton was sitting there :smirk:

Trust me, don’t, when I was a kid, I ate it and it tasted like mushy salt :nauseated_face:

Was that your 5 year old brother saying that :face_with_raised_eyebrow::joy:

I can confirm. It’s not as terrible tasting as one would think. Tastes about the same as tears taste.
Tears taste like seawater.

Everyone picks their nose. Just don’t do it in public or around other people.

Wash your hands if you have been out in public though.

I just dont see how people would rather wipe it on walls or flick it on walls

I did that in kindergarten. They eventually found out, and made me clean it from the wall. It wasn’t embarrassing because everyone was my age and could somehow relate.

Not one of my proudest memories.

that reminds me my brother when he was like 15-16yo when he did that :nauseated_face:

Depends on the taste.