It's easy to get ripped off in PWE this way, right?

When you make orders in PWE, you don’t know if someone will give you a named pet or an unnamed pet. Did they already implement a way where you know you’ll get one that’s unnamed or not? Or will people just rip you off with a badly named pet if you go too high with a byte price?

In the order section, people can only sell their unnamed familiars.


There you go, pretty much all pet in PWE order is must unnamed.

Press the pet if it says the pets name like bytie it should be unnamed if it has a naame like ogga booga it has that name

Your reply is rather off-topic, Neoslayer was talking about orders in PWE and how people can get ripped off because of a named familiar being sold in the orders section, better read some threads thoroughly before replying,

This is on the buy section, whereas Neoslayer was talking about orders

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He just giving up some tips what wrong with that?

I’m not trying to wrong him, I’m just saying he probably misunderstood the point of the thread

Sorry if I actually offended anyone though

But im giving you how to not get scammed in the buy section not order

Which isn’t what this thread is talking about…

Everyone knows how named pets work; that wasn’t what I was asking at all.

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Some people dont ok…

Everyone on these forums are required to have a brain to set up an account at the minimum, so yeah, everyone here knows this.

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Not everyone…

stubborn as always, I see.

Not everyone knows that you can press on the pet and see if its named or not

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U just giving some tips, It’s fine brother thanks for the tips! there alot of edgy people here just get used to it.

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Completely irrelevant to the post

People can only fulfill orders using unnamed familiars.
Nico has tried it once already

Everyone in this forum knows that

That’s an assumption while

Is a fact. So No not everyone knows.