I've been hacked, and I won't be back ever

I have no idea how I got hacked, I haven’t logged on into the game for forever.

I’ve lost millions and millions of bytecoins worth of items, including my Mod hoodie, Mug Famliar, and the Pink Valentine Tuxedo that Endless made as one of my personal request.

I don’t have anything to say much since I don’t give a poopoo anymore. \



First me now you and probably others to come :confused:



i’m changing my password everyday now with keyboard spam
don’t want to paint a target on my back
you just try to hack me on my factory fresh lenovo x1 carbon 9th gen
with my dynamic ip and vpn
oh god

farewell to you and your items…

your stuff is probably going to get boosted and duped on the market and we’ll probably see some rare stuff for grabs next year sadge
:sob: :broken_heart:

adios amigo good luck with life



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Honestly just limit ur time around unknown players u don’t know.Everyone will get hacked some day

:thinking: it’s time I went for a tougher password, much longer…

That said someone may have created a backdoor into the game so no password will stop that.

Also both you guys are big names in the game , but only to another long term player, who would know what you have .

It’s a shame you are leaving and that you don’t want to follow it up. The Devs would be able to see when an item was changed (taken out). Surely an item as unique as the one Endless created can be traced??

Very sad - need to catch this player …

Another thing a player can do (as I do) is keep items in and use multiple different worlds . Anyone who could access my world’s hologram would struggle as to where to start as they would see 400 different worlds

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I open the forum first time in forever and this is the first thing I see.


Reaching the support is the first thing I do ofcourse, but doesn’t mean I’ll get my items back.


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owh… that sucks, wish you luck for the future

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so is your profile picture photoshopped?

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Yeah this is weird. Usually people like seaf or neo have very secure passwords and don’t do anything dumb to share it. Maybe there’s some hidden security breach with the game or something

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I would doubt this. It’s not like you’re seeing administrator accounts or hundreds of other accounts being stolen or anything. While I couldn’t explain these situations myself and it’s a shame they happened, it’s a bit far to say that a couple of stolen accounts is evidence of there being a database leak.

Mmm :thinking:

How does so much info leak out? There is clear evidence that desirable world names and their owners last visit can be sourced…

I’ve got several examples myself

Plus 2 premium , even historic, players have been gone after . That’s unlikely to be a noob either.

Whoever that is has a deep knowledge of the game .

I avoid owning worlds with wanted names.I don’t wanna risk being hacked

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iv been just hacked too :sob: wtff is going on

How did you get hacked? just invetory or worlds were griefed aswell?

For some reason Most of time when I see post bout being hacked it’s their first time posting on forums


Everything is gone except my world WINGS, probably because I logged on before he could get to it

Another one bites the dust

Someone said blackwight is next.