Jet Races Are A Huge Missed Opportunity (IMO)



In my opinion Jet Races are a huge missed opportunity for Pw

Jet Races could have been a great way to add a much-needed variety to how people grind gems in PW, what I mean by this is that however much I like Mines and Netherworld; they are fairly similar and do get a little boring after a while. But Jet Races are completely different and I don’t really think I have to explain why.
The problem is the cost of Jet Races, whereas Netherworld for example you pay 150 for a red scroll to enter, and can keep buying them at that price, the cost of JR continuously increases every time you do it. This immediately makes it harder to continuously compete in JR, as you are left with an option: wait until tomorrow for when it’s cheaper again, or keep playing today and spend 100s if not thousands of gems, likely for little profit.
And that leads me onto my next criticism: profit. In Mining for example, you can break gemstones for gems, which even if you don’t make it out of the Mines you still would have made some profit. For Jet Races, it’s almost completely different; you can earn tokens while racing, but they don’t give you gems or are trade-able, you have to get 100 of those to get a ‘Royal Aviation token’, you then use that to open a mystery chest, which will probably give you 5 silver aviation gears which you need to get 100 of to get a golden aviation gear and then you need to get at LEAST 50 of those to get the cheapest Jet (and then pay another 100 THOUSAND gems because it’s not like you haven’t spent thousands already). Does that seem… WAY too much work to earn anything whatsoever or is it just me? Another thing is it is a pretty mediocre prize which you can only profit from by selling. That’s like if in Mining the final prize after mining so much was… another pickaxe but it is blue instead.
If you were to pay 10 gems a day and get EVERY token there was in the race every time, it would take you over THREE YEARS (if my maths is right), and that is the cheapest option and still would cost you 112,000 gems.
This is just way too much time and money for such a mediocre prize and this turns off many people from participating in Jet Races, whereas so many people really like Netherworlds as it pretty much guaranteed profit every time. Jet Races may be great for Really Really rich players but new comers to the game are likely not even going to attempt them, and go to the other ways of grinding gems.
And I hate to say all of this because it had so much potential, it has a great design, a fun new addition to the game: flying, and is very well built and structured. But I feel like all this is overshadowed by the flaws I’ve talked about.
So how can PW fix this? I have a few ideas;

  1. Make the price stay the same: I would recommend having a Jet Coin or something which is the equivalent of a nether scroll, and make it cost 200 gems, this also allows the player to grind Jet Races, as it’s cheaper and doesn’t limit how many times the player can participate.
  2. Have more profit: Have the tokens the players collect while racing earn gems, just like gemstones, so the profit is much more immediate than what it is now
  3. Host more tournaments around Jet Races just like how netherworlds does, as this would create more hype for it.

Overall, I hope this helps PW as this could add a lot of variety in the way people grind gems and could attract many newcomers to the game and keep old players entertained. Just know this is just constructive criticism to try improve the game and is all my opinion and I’m not saying this like it’s all objective.
Also correct me if I made any mistakes in here.

well , personally , a mistake is making a detailed in-game suggestion in a platform which is rarely checked by its owners whilst we are not yet certain about them being able to add any new features in pixel worlds game other than just adding items , nonetheless , nice try I guess !

Damn. I never thought of that

Yeah, I’ve talked about this as-well, the update was definitely done improperly in terms of engagement. Simply said, if they made it profitable the same way mining or fishing is, then imo it would have guaranteed to have way more players playing it even today. This also applies for the card battle. While maybe they both might technically be profitable in the long term, it doesn’t make people get immediate profit like with mining or fishing, so people play them considerably less.


I suspect it’s better to write “… not certain if PW even want to add (or expand) features in the game…”

Clearly even adding new blocks to farm and different levels (C, UC, R, UR, L) is clearly not happening …

Why not? I have no idea. Many of these have little or no animation , some would just be a recolour - a few lines of code changed - how hard can that be?

There are 1000’s more interested in playing the game again - Writing this just makes me again ask Kukouri to please sell up! - deaf ears and blind readers sadly

The devs can only be working on maintenance and even a game of this size and depth does not need more than a few hours each day to do that with two doing it.

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