Just Popping In

How is everyone doing, I am not coming back if you are wondering I just want to see the state of the forums and wish everyone good health. I mostly use discord now so if you want to talk to me, here
LukeStarW #5302


Hello! Nice to see you, I hope you’re doing well. The forums are fine, thanks for visiting. Let us know if you plan to be a regular again.

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I can get the regular rank?

Ayo Lukepopp- I have been looking at your past pixel art for a while but now you have arrived!

I was referring to you literally using the forums regularly, but yes, there is a rank and special subforum for that if you’re active enough.

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I know, I just thought the regular requirements were changed.

I just want to ask Star- how much do you have to read to get regular?

Yeah, I quit because this wasn’t a very nice experience on the forums, but I just logged in to say hi.

Just ignore the trash talkers and stuff. And just bond with chill people I guess

You can obtain the regular rank by reaching trust level 3. The requirements for reaching trust level 3 can be found here.

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I personally prefer the Discord server myself, but the forums are another place for people to hangout I guess. People tend to make more high-effort posts here sometimes, but that could technically be done on Discord as well if people wanted.

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I guess people dont do high effort posts there on discord since it can be disregarded very quickly

Yeah probably maybe thing

You quit because someone disagreed with you

no. I quit because of multiple people who were pretty bad to me it wasn’t just one person, I made amends with most of the people on the forums in discord, Bernard, neo, etc. But think what you will.

Not think, I was told. Not gonna say their name but someone told me you quit because they disagreed with you and proved you wrong.

No? I quit because of multiple people. Whoever told you that is spreading misinformation.

Some people think I quit because of neo (me and him are him are friends now) but that wasn’t the reason. Its just that people assume and assume about a person and dont actually ask me what I mean. I am not a bad person, dunno why people say that, nor am I a clout chaser

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luke in my server is a flex

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