Kicked & Lost Set

During December 18,2022

Does anyone have any idea what i should do or if this has happened to you or someone you know?

The event that happened:
I was recycling in my world yesterday when i got dced said due to “wifi” problem and when i relogged i couldn’t enter the same world it kept saying an in-game message about a connection problem for that specific world.I also tried logging to my alts just trying to reenter that world,i also noticed that it said that there was a person in my world during the time that i couldn’t enter it ,after 4mins of trying i was able to enter the world but saw that the set that i placed in my mannequin is all gone (Full punk set,black cat tail,harpoon,goat moon mask,shark fin backpack).

There was no one with an access to the world except me and i was connected to my own account the entire time.

1st hunch:
The bug is a world rollback, I don’t know how to make it happen but it just did.

While you’re swapping mannequin set, the world crashed and didn’t updated to the most recent time. So it rolled-backed to the most available recent time.

After crashing or lost connection, the servers think you’re still there. The character will leave on its own after some time to kick out afk players.

2nd barely-hunch:
Someone breached in to your account but 4 minutes doesn’t seem fast enough to transfer the set with the breacher’s account.

If it is breached, check your Recent Worlds you ‘visited’.

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It’s the first one i believe because there were no changes in the most recently visited after i relogged back to my main account.

You can email support ( and explain what happened. Add your world name, the moment/time when it happened and what you were doing before the crash. That way, admins will check if this really happened and if yes, they will help you out.

For the email subject, i recommend writing something like “My world crashed and i lost items in it”

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Thank you very much for your help!