"Moderator" is NOT a valid ban reason

Seriously though, what if you play PW, and then wake up to have your account banned. The only reason you see is “Moderator”. It essentially tells you nothing.
You try to recall what could have you possibly done, but you’re sure that you did nothing.

Sometimes people just genuinely NOT know what is their ban reason.

…is a crappy excuse for not telling the reason. If “you 100% know what you did”, why do the OTHER ban reasons exist then?

If you get banned for Moderator in Rec Room, there’s also an extra note to tell you what exactly is the reason, like this:

Or this:

The message says all.

If you got banned for “Moderator” reason, this means you did illegal things inside and / or outside the game.

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As i said, if you get this reason as your ban, you know what you did.

Other reasons exist to add some details, if you host a drop game for example, you will get banned for “Scamming”, using hacks, “Using Hacks Tools / Macros”
I guess it’s pretty simple.

“Moderator” reason meaning you did a lot of things that are against the game rules that can’t be listed in a ban.

Like if you combine : using hacks, swearing, scamming
You will simply get “Moderator” as your ban reason or “Breaking the Game Rules”.


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