My items Delete

My Items Delete from My Bags #Mode
Bro you Need Items Free saying To me i Give to items + byte coin Free
Next 30 Day i Unbanned From Pixel Worlds You Mode Stole My Epic Pickaxe in Bags
i dont undeteands

With respect the English used here is terrible. It may not be your first language?

If I was you i would get someone to write whatever you are trying to say for you …

so where is my epic picaxe

No idea

Why on earth where you going on about bags?

It’s highly unlikely a dev has been into your inventory… Mods can’t even access it as afaik.

You need to contact the support email … I assume you weren’t playing a drop game or something similar?.

I dont playing Drop Game And I leaveing Sarver Pixel World

If Your epic pickaxe had hacked durability (Over the max 10,000 it probably got deleted )
I see Your other items stayed, so it was probably just that,

Don’t buy/use hacked pickaxes /pets in the future ,Cheers !


Mods cant take items directly in your inventory.

you know what is that anticheat : Mean you cant use hack (teleport - items bugs ) or somtings

He cant take items drectly in my Inventory so Where is Fukking my Epic Pickaxe

Credits - @Kashya
Just incase you’re unable to understand the explanation… here is it in an extremelii over-detailed and almost near unhinged and borderline mid-detailed-nitpicking and elaborate explanation.

Your items almost randomlii vanished from your inventorii due to the following course of events, which heighted time as of recent where a youtuber by [a name i’m unable to mention due to rules & guidelines per posting within the forums] released a video showing what few people know, this video was something that explained to people how to create infinite durabilitii pickaxes from everii class, from Basic to Epic and even Carbon? is that the one from the vendor in “PixelMines” ? well anyway, due to this, more and more hacked pickaxes, familiars with exreme dates and levels have been found by the administration team casuallii.

Overtime, the admins will find said players, and remove anii hacked items from their inventorii, and it may not be you the one who hacked it, so therefore it then falls under “bugged” item in your inventorii, so, rather than giving your account a permanent ban 3,650 days from the game that you enjoi passionate enough to curse a moderator about an Epic Pickaxe, the admin decided to be graceful and most likelii just took the pickaxe from your inventorii.

As for the person who allegedlii said you’re getting free items & byte coins for free, they most likelii gave you the corrupted/hacked/bugged pickaxe as a last ditch effort to prevent themselves from getting a perma ban, as Lokalapsi has been cranking down on anyone with such items even in their world displayed for public viewing, it’s a bug, not a feature, or a hack, not a feature.

Next on the list is, your 30 day ban situation, now, you’ve been banned for 30 days if that’s what you’re trying to express in your wording, mind my misinterpretation, your english is unfortunatelii quite unintelligible, and or it may just not be a language that you focus on when communicating points across with proper detail and or punctuation, grammar or anii of the liked etiquette, however, you were most likelii given a 30 day ban to rethink taking & keeping an item that was most likelii a hacked item, and using it, and if by “bags” you’re referring to pouches?, gem pouches? then that could’ve also been confiscated, however that’s a bit doubtful, as, if they’d take pouches, which is something earned using the pickaxe, they’d also remove your dark stones as well, which were most definitelii earned using a pickaxe, and by the looks of it, due to the items within your inventorii, it would also appear that you’ve spent money on a few more than two shard packs, meaning you may have used the pouches, and out of panic, may have thought a “mod” took your pouches, alongside your pickaxe of mass destruction!.

I hope this explanatedlii detailed explanation helped you to understand.

Response - @Zithi
Last but not least, you should contact and explain what happened, and please, do not be afraid to use OpenAI / Google Translate to better express your explanation in english, or whatsoever language you’re comfortable with, and allowing for the support reader to understand what’s going on, and don’t forget to be respectful, there’s no need for profanities at the moment! Chill!

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Bro I 4 time send email For and replay my email is :

Thank you for contacting us. We read all messages but do not answer to messages about following:

  • If you have been SCAMMED in any way, we cannot give you new items. We will ban scammers if there is enough proof.

  • If you have been BANNED, then that is because you have broken some rules of the game. As a default, bans will not be lifted before their end. If you are absolutely 100% sure that there was no reason to ban you, reply to this email with your explanation. We will not reply to emails about bans unless we require more information.

  • If you have LOST YOUR ACCOUNT (forgot password or recovery email) and have not set up recovery email, we cannot unfortunately help you.

  • If you have SHARED your login details or downloaded some hacking program / MALWARE and so lost your account, we cannot help you.

  • If you would like to be a MOD, our Mod applications are now open! Head to our social media channels to find out more. Mods are selected from trusted veteran players.

  • If your message was about something else, we will handle it to the best of our ability. If we require any additional information, we will get back to you. Please do not reply to this message.

Thank you for making Pixel Worlds a better game!

Pixel Worlds Support Team

Twitch: Twitch
Wikia: Pixel Worlds Wiki | Fandom

Scam awareness video

Ahh, In this case, it’s just patience, or, they may not see the situation worth replying to due to the circumstances / what happened behind the scenes.

Also, that yes, is the support’s automatic response, however, if your support email warranted a response, such as, them wanting to ask for more information, they’d 100% do so.

Either the above two situations, or they haven’t gotten around to the backlog of gmails they’ve had over the few months including searching for another wikia & then forum moderator.

Try to give them a month at best, spread your support mails amongst that month, 4 per month, or maybe even just 1 per week, and then just wait and see if they get back to you, if not, there’s nothing you could do by making a forum thread on it, it most likelii means [if it goes unread for more than x months, that they’ve seen it, and it’s not needing a reply / it’s alreadii solved / it’s non-important.

I Dont Care anymore i never playing Pixel Worlds And losser sarver # Mod Noob

Oh give me your items then <3 (jk)

How am I a noob, for a situation that I have not been a part of. Have some paitence and wait for support to read the email. If its a hacked pickaxe then admins can delete it without warning.

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Bro’s english sounds worse than an AI generated undertale mod

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Newbie Sarver Have AntiCheat you Know What is That ?
Anti Cheat Is U cant Use Hack Items Or Hack Teleport Or Someting *
How I Hack sarver is Have Anti Cheat
Please Tell How I can Hack sarver I need 999M Byte Coin !

Inventory is worth the average player’s belly button lint

You Must
Screenshot 2023-04-28 093513
Kneel For Old King Farm Pixel Worlds

You think that 400k block broken is a farming king? Flattering.