New Megabyte/terabyte/gigabyte

Terabytes are more of an optional suggestion, it may not be needed

  • however, the function would be similar to many MMORPG games where they have copper, silver and gold. Instead of having a large amount of copper, now there is something more condensed and easier to count, like silver and gold, making numbers smaller and more precise to work with.

I agree with this suggestion.


Why we need it tho? we need platinium locks coz the maximum stack of world locks was 999. But we can have tons of bytecoins.

The purpose of this isn’t like that of a PL, the game is run by kids who can’t count, it overall would do no harm and help many people move to PWE instead of quitting / giving the game bad reviews, having something to go off of that would make calculating just as easy as it was before the change.


I know , those players refuse to use brain cells and calculate , but its not really hard to use high numbers. Like i use 15.000.000 gold to upgrade my town hall (in clash of clans ) , and its not that hard to do , we dont need (for example)1diamond=100.000 coins to make it easier , people will get used to it by time

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Nobody calculates with all 0’s in PWE, you’re constantly met with offers like 17,019 bytes. The difference between this and clash of clans are that all “prices” are set in stone, this in PW is an ever changing economy run by real people.


Hi Serxan,

You can look at my previous post and my argument with Append.

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people will get used to it , its not that hard. Its not always 1000… in other games , for example in a game called BDO you buy a sword for 1.876.222.444 silver coins


True, people will get used to it after some time.

But, maybe, adding a new coin will make counting and estimating price easier?

“People will get used to it” is a terrible argument.
I don’t get why players’ first reaction to an feature that only improves quality of life is “people will get used to it” or “just don’t play it”
how exactly is that a reason not to get it? Why invalidate the countless people who are quitting the trade industry, or quitting the game, or leaving bad reviews and withdrawing purchases over this? People still don’t like to or know how to calculate, so what do you have against a feature that will satisfy more people?

Why change something when everything was just fine before?


Most of the players who says i will quit , are lying. Similar thing happened in 2013 in growtopia when there was a rollback for the first time. Everyone was like : Im gonna quit , trash game , etc. . Days after , every of my friends who said they will quit , came back.

Because new players doesnt understand why the world locks is the main currency, only people who came from growtopia knew why it is. Because growtopia didnt had any other currencies that they can use . But we have bytecoins. When i tried to teach my gf pixel worlds , she too didnt understand why we use world locks. Thats why this update will also help new players

The reason locks are main currency in PW isn’t solely because of GT. They hold the same power as they do in GT. The game is called pixel WORLDS. Worlds are what the game is all about.
That is the same reason they are the main currency in GT. The only difference is GT went down the path of making the entire game based around world locks and profit, and made an NPC named Locke that acts as a wl drain to give unique items in exchange for world locks.

Also find it gold that an influencer generalized a massive portion of players as “liars” and then you completely skipped the part about the negative reception and withdrawing of purchases.
Once again, idk what goes on in the minds of you people who are against QOL that satisfies more people and does more good than harm. I guess you’d prefer a buggy card update.

If stupid people can’t count that’s their problem. There’s no point over-complicating bytecoin. No need for conversions.


Im an influencer doesnt mean that im not gonna tell the truth about that players.

Influencers don’t generalize a majority of people as “liars” without proof and label it as truth, you’re supposed to speak for them and set a better example

Majority? people who dont want the wls to be untradeable are not that much. Most of them are kids , and illegal traders who are worried about how they will sell their world locks

You claim people are stupid for counting random 7 digit numbers with no way of comparison yet you claim it’s complicating just to add a more digestible way to compare to previous prices without potential miscalculations

I’m used to you disagreeing with literally everything on the forums so your input is useless


You realize like 80% of people don’t want this to be added mainly because the devs are so bad at communication and can’t even address how they’ll fix the issues that will come out of this?

You do realize illegal traders can still trade bytes right?

Yeah , i agree with that . Communication with devs are not that good

It’ll be easier to track them , and it’ll seem suspicious when someone trade other large amount of bytecoins. So they will check it out.

They could just meet up, put an obscure item in the PWE for all the bytes and make the deal there in a PWE.