Old creator not demoted

Ok… so i went to a world where someone gmed to ask for a midman for a clan trade and i saw someone with the creator role called “itsrob” with the creator status.

He don’t have the brackets that a creator should have, and after a small research, i saw that he is not active on his channel, he posted a video 1 month ago and the video before was posted an year ago.

Sooo here is my question… Why he is not demoted?

because why not
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Short answer would be that the developers don’t want influencers to be demoted.

Then why they demoted reallegacy?

Either there was a specific reason (for example, broke pw rules, quitted the game) or they were just checking some influencers youtube channels and noticed that reallegacy was not qualified to keep the influencer status. They aren’t very strict on influencers (for influencers to keep up with the requirements) that’s why some people don’t lose their influencer status. (this is solely based on my opinion, don’t take it as a fact)

I mean yeah as long as the influencer isn’t abusing his/her rank it’s probably fine

Well… that’s sad because you can just post video until get the creator status, go inactive for months and don’t get your status removed…

They should be a bit strict about this and demote really inactive one…

I don’t really get the problem with the ranks not being removed honestly, sure it basically means you get to be an influencer for a long time but what does it do to affect much of anything else?

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Yes, they should be more strict, but they probably don’t want to be strict because if they were strict then they would be losing more people uploading pixel worlds content. If someones influencer status was removed, then that someone would be more de-motivated to upload pixel worlds content. That’s my guess. I mean it’s not exactly like that but it’s pretty difficult for me to explain my thought process.

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Or else they can motivate that person to make content by saying something like "If you upload content, you will get VIP time in game or be gifted some gems and bytes.’

I"m not saying to demote people how didn’t uploaded content since a month, but people who are inactive and you can barely see this person in game and around (social media etc) should get demoted and people how are active in terms of content should be gifted as well by getting VIP time or something else that motivate them to continue produce content…

I will make a poll…

  • Should the creator status should be boosted? (Like get vip, gems or bytes if you are active)
  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe
  • Something else (give your opinion)

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On one hand I think the current reward is enough (Videos being featured, creator rank) since afterall making the videos are for fun, but I also think some rewards like gems would be good (Maybe if only given when the content is high in quality so it pushes creators to better their editing and stuff)

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I agree with you for that one.

Like “You did well on that video, here’s 50k gems to reward you.” i think this would be great to add a system like that.

But to my knowledge, influencers can request video assets (usually gems) to use them for their videos, like opening boosters. They can technically already get rewards.

They can also request to get items? Like show a ultra expensive item or a item that got removed from the public service or like 1 in game item and after the video is recorded remove the item from their inventory?

No, it’s probably only gems or bytes. Maybe not even bytes. Depends. I’ve heard it somewhere but it could be a myth, I don’t know for sure. Back in the day I remember Tery getting gems for his videos, but he didn’t request them though.
Edit: oh, that’s where I remember it from:

Time to become an influencer so I can make an endless booster opening video :smiling_imp:


tbh, they should remove youtubers who never post or even made a video about pw, when other players have way better potential

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They are just hoping they come back one day

Which is stupid, because most likely, they wont

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