Pixel Card Game

Pixel Duels! (PvP and PvE Card Game)

Welcome to the other side of the world called “Arcania” wherein being strong depends on the deck of your cards! Fight through different mythical creatures and be Arcanic!



Athena (The Guide) - Athena will check if you can enter the Temple of Arcs. She needs 1,000 gems for every Arc Scroll.

To enter the Arc Temple you will need:

Arc Master’s Belt - 15,000 gems in store
Arc Scroll - 1,000 gems by exchanging it to Athena

Retired Dueler Arnel - Arnel needs Arc parts to create new Arc tools!

Arc Smoke bomb (refillable) - Flee from the arc you just encountered (maximum of 3 every Arc Hunt)
Arc Lure - Gives you the chance to encounter more stronger Arcs
Arc Elite’s Belt Upgrade - Upgrades your deck to 12
Arc Mage’s Belt Upgrade - Upgrades your deck to 18
Arc Legend’s Belt Upgrade - Upgrade your deck to 24
The God’s Scroll - Brings you to face Tier 5 or higher Arcs. (Craftable)

Arcs : Different AI Species that will stop you being arcanic. Arcs are mythical creatures that guards the temple of Arcana against adventurers. The more deeper you will travel through the more strong Arcs you’re gonna face.

Tier 1 Arcs (Novice) (Needs atleast 5 cards to fight)


Goblin Arc - This arc mostly have physical cards
Fire Orb Arc - This arc mostly have Fire cards
Ice Orb Arc - This arc mostly have Ice cards
Toxic Orb Arc - This arc mostly have Nature cards
Earth Orb Arc - This arc mostly have Earth cards

Tier 2 Arcs (Medium) (Uncommon chance to be found in Arc Temples)(Needs atleast 12 cards to fight)


Angel Arc - This arc mostly have Light cards
Devil Arc - This arc mostly have Dark cards
Nether Soldier Arc - This arc mostly have Physical and Fire cards
Goblin Arc - This arc mostly have Poisonous and Dark cards

Tier 3 Arcs (Hard) (Rare chance to be found in Arc Temple) (Needs atleast 12 cards to fight)


Gorgon Arc - This arc mostly have Physical,Poison,Dark cards
Minotaur Arc- This arc mostly have Physical,Fire,Light cards
Fiery Golem Arc - This arc mostly have Physical,Fire,Dark cards
King Slime - This arc contains Card packs! Kill it to get higher level cards


PIXEL DUELS is a New Card Game.

Pixel Duels in PvE - Defeat Arcs and gather cards as you can. Stronger arcs drops stronger cards

Pixel Duels in PvP - Tournaments will be held in a certain time. Arc holders (Players) will battle throughout a tournament. (Before participating a Arc Tournament the player must fulfill the conditions)

12 cards
10,000 gems to enter
Must have a Arc Belt card

How do I play Pixel Duels?

There will be two separated packs

Random Card Booster - Draws 3 various cards for 5,000 gems

Cards that can be obtained in the pack

Fireball : Flame damage
Water Splash : Water damage

Arc Master’s Belt (Upgradable) - 15,000 gems

Note: Arc Master’s Belt can hold up to 7 cards in combat.

Arc Elite’s Belt - 12 cards maximum
Arc Mage’s Belt - 18 cards maximum
Arc Legends’s Belt - 24 cards maximum

Card Dueling applies the opposition of elements eg.
Fire beats Nature, Water beats Fire, Nature beats Water

This concept is still under development.
If there were pixel arts that describes the materials mentioned for this thread will get featured


This could be a whole new game by itself lol

probably just a new game mode. I bet they can do that since they were able to do netherworlds and secretbase

I feel like we should really have some quality pvp minigames. We currently really have only pvp combat and the jet races.


We have a discussion about a card game feature every once in a while (there are some developers who really want it to happen). It would be an amazing feature but unfortunately the amount of work it requires is ridiculous. It would easily become a whole new game as Cata said.


Club Penguin Card-Jitsu? :eyes:

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Sounds awesome, sorta reminds me of gwent from the witcher

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