This is entry to the #PWBLOCKDESIGNER contest. I’ve decided to make the soil a little bit more magical, this would be able to give your world a completely new magical feel.
I imagine this would work well in a new Magical World Kit. (much like the Alien Planet Kit)
But of course then there would need to also be a lot of other magical blocks added as well.

I give all the rights of my item design to Kukouri Mobile Entertainment ltd. to use it as they please in their games/social media or in any other form of media.

bro post it in this topic

also you put no work into that… i could make that in 4 seconds you just saturated it to purple. you didnt even bother reskin it ,it just looks extremely faded even reskinning is lazy but just changing the colour…

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I’m not that good with photopea, so this took me a few hours.
But yes i do admit it isn’t that “unique”, however i like how it ended up looking.

wait it took you a few hours?
cant u just take a screenshot of a soil crop it and turn into a purple version.

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Someone already made this on instagram


It looks suspiciously like alien soil which is in-game right now, and even though you just changed the hue of the blocks to pink, you should’ve dialed down the saturation since it’s hurting my eyes :eyes:

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