Regarding to the EkipAli situation

So EkipAli has decided to start doing illegal trade after his latest ban. His 2nd account KRM was banned this time and he has now switched to the dark side.

Just wanna say that, even though I am friends with EkipAli, doesn’t mean that I will help him with illegal trading. We are friends irl, not in pw.

So please do not think that I’m an illegal trader as well.

Thank You.

who is ekipali?

I asked someone on discord, he said it’s some popular person idk, and doing bc glitches.

but, who is ekipali and why is he an illegal trader? I don’t understand.

do you have youtube on your google? or not

Rip Ekipali but it’s just dumb that he do illiegal trade have doing that since he started game

i do? wdym.

@pancakess please Don’t start illiegal trade like @EkipAli

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@EkipAli was good Guy but rip

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Can he do like some other game content sometime?

bruh, EkiPali made videos about pw. Players watched his videos, donated items to him not for let their favorite creator sell their items for irl money. His subs may be very disappointed bcs their favorite creator selling their items. Ekipali could give away all of his items as to show his protest. Many people could agree with him then. So EkipAli just betrayed all his subs to get profit from the game irl

Write it all in one post not 3 please

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@EkipAli good job my friend. You did well. Saving your soul from this game.

It’s their fault. If he was threatening the players that he would sell BC and very very rare items for Real $$$ if they didn’t donate something, then it was still their fault. They “fed” his desire to sell because the more items you get, the more $$$ you get.

You probably didnt understand correctly. People donated items to support their creator, to let him make new videos for them. So their favorite creator just banned himself and lost his reputation

From what I understood, you said that they did it because he threatened them to sell and get banned. So yeah maybe I misunderstood.

Man sounds like he was always on the dark side and pretending he wasn’t. I mean heck, the man got banned on 2 accounts and preemptively knows this, while transferring the drac capes, etc to each account after each unsuccessful ban

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did he deleted that video again lol…
he even friend with goos,knotty and other sht guys im not surprised he made such a silly video

Just so you know, I never accepted donations ever. Not even a single bytecoin.

really xD??? you was maked new acc and pepol was donationg you

If you are talking about Soil to Dracula cape, yes I did take donations (to give them back to the community.) but on the accounts i was actually playing with, i never did take donations

so… you took donations in that series series