Slot backpack

We need more inventory or slot backpack.No one open basic seed pack shop, Because last update add new 1 seed (Naphtaa), they lazy to repeat buy and drop because total bsp 96 seeds/100 slots (Need 5 empty slot).
Therefore many people project or mass hard to find seeds.

I hope Dev/Jake reply.

Ppl can still do a bsp and many still do trust me they are not that rare if you go to radio 1 third of the time somebody will be advertising a bsp

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I know, but hard to find bsp shop now

Not really today I saw about 4 being advertised I played for 1 hour and I wasn’t waiting at ham or anything I just randomly saw gms and was in buy gear for a bit

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It’s quite easy to find one nowadays. It’s hard to find a cheap one now, due to the owners RAISING THE PRICE BY 200%

I don’t get much of what you’re saying, afterall 100 slots is actually alot, you just need to organize your inventory, even if you didn’t, you can just drop the items and go back to take the remaining stuff and drop again

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He mean that opening BSP shop is taking a longer time now due to new seeds added in the pack while you can’t hold all the seed in inventory, so you have to drop each time your inventory full which make the process longer

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First of all this is a post in general chat, when it’s supposed to be in suggestions, even though this has been suggested to high hell, but this is essentially the krampus sack idea I made that was actually a more unique way of implementing this same thing:

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100 slots is not a lot


Its price rise because of how much time they consume doing all the clicking and having full inventory, so you will drop the seeds everytime. Imagine opening 1,000,000 gems BSP.

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Not perfectly balanced

How is it not a lot? Even having 80 slots is a lot for me, well, depends on what you use your inventory, so… idk about other people

Maybe adding a 2 slot in the inventory, the first one is for the untradeable item, consumable, seeds, and blocks the second one for wearable kinda like Wardobe, but this maybe makes the game too easy.

You can only store clothing in a wardrobe like shirt, mask, and wing

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U know what i mean, thanks

Ya, if someone open bsp but hard to find and only restock 50k-100k gems. Then expensive

Ya, but ppl only restock 50k-100k only its (50-100 each seeds)

The topic for Basic seed pack and advance seed pack

Euh, the topic was about backpack slots, wdym?

Ya bro, thats right👍

Good ideaa brooooooo