So, this is it? We have lost everything on the old forum?

Am I misunderstanding something or what? So actually all history is just gone from the old forum? This is absolutely not good. Not even a warning that it’s going to be removed…? I can’t believe this.


Yes, pretty much everything is gone, all we have are a few crawls of the old forums, thanks to the Wayback Machine.

Here are all of the viewable crawls:

There are quite a few more crawls, but past this point, you’ll just get an ‘Access denied’ error if you try to view them.

Take note that you’re unable to use any of the links on the crawled pages, as far as anyone knows, this is the best archive we have for now.


I think they do have the old forums, I saw a message from Jake’s live stream when he was doing the new forums saying: Old forum categories and subcategories.image

Jake replied to that saying they’re just old subcategories…

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That’s what I kept saying. Not a single warning. Years of art, fanfictions work, all gone, reduced to atoms!
So why did these forums take months seeing how they originally said they were transferring data?

Yes transferring data be like: ok what was the name of foot back category

I won’t go into details, but we weren’t planning the sudden shutdown of the old forum and it just kind of… happened. As you might have guessed, we didn’t have any immediate plans for a new forum, either (took us a while!). Long story short, we decided on a new forum and another decision was made that there won’t be a migration and that a fresh start would be the best option for multiple reasons.

We do have the old data backed up, but it’s not feasible to either migrate it nor is it worth it to create some sort of “time capsule” where you can look at the old posts. The backups aren’t exactly in a readable format, either. Apologies for this, but that’s just how the situation is. Wayback machine is your best option to see the old forums now.

All this said, I’m curious about the content that you’d actually want to retrieve. I was browsing the old forums before we shut it down completely and didn’t really find anything that important that’s worth saving. I saved some stuff manually like basic info, rules, update notes, stream recaps etc. but I couldn’t find any meaningful threads about lore, for example. It’s been a while after all, and I’ve seen much richer content about lore after the forums went down: Discord content, google docs etc. If you’re referring to private conversations and such… well, sorry but you’re out of luck.

Good point. Sorry for being blunt but don’t the creators have the art saved anywhere else?


I am so confused now, there was lore back then? I really didn’t know that Pixel Worlds had lore even as far back as 2016.

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Countless of us use forums as an archive itself. Thousands of art was posted here and only here, from many people including me. Many saved and bookmarked threads I had prepared for my videos are also gone forever.

Jake did say he could arrange a way to look at the old forums. The way back machine is not one of them. Way back machine has a total of 8 or so irrelevant posts. I don’t mind the direct messages being gone, bit the fact that hundreds and thousands of threads and deep history was thrown away without giving is a chance to warm us to save what we want beforehand is absolute load of guano

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You learnt a lesson, never rely on a specific thing. Always diversitize everything.

No this isn’t about me learning a lesson, this is a common unhealthy habit where the devs make on the whim choices without asking the entire community first. This isn’t just me, and this isn’t just about my stupid art, this is about everyone and everything.

Don’t rely on the developers, easy solution.

You’re saying that because you had no threads worth saving in the first place.

You also can’t speak for the entire forums and that very obviously doesn’t apply to everyone

So you are saying to rely on other people? Like really leach people’s time to do the work for you? Like always think about what comes in the future, you can’t just be like ok it’s here and it will be here. Think that it won’t be there tomorrow or some time in the future.

So you really expect every member would think to go out of their way to save every single thread they may consider might be used in the future, but you think the devs don’t need to spend 5 seconds to inform the entire playerbase of thousands of people to archive what they need since they literally just explained they didn’t even need to make new forums? It’s not like there was a data breach, it’s not like they were forced to delete it. I’ve never seen such insensitive, apathetic bootlicking before in my life :rofl:

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YES! Especially when you really really think you need need it it.
Yea they really should have been more nice to inform everyone but they didn’t really have to be nice either.

I found out that the forums had been closed through a reply on Reddit, that just isn’t good enough honestly.

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Yeah bro. Keep putting them on a pedestal, keep apathetically defending their reckless, premature, inconsiderate and oblivious actions to compensate for the fact that they let you datamine their game.

That especially means you should save your threads before they do something to them.

Wdym? You literally get the assets of the game by Direct messaging BlackWight and he is willing to give you them for arts and such.

Blackwight doesn’t have access to assets unless he datamined too, and he wasn’t a mod when you first datamined either

Also your logic is equivalent to a world leader purposely withholding information about causing a massive outbreak of robberies and then having you tell them “oh well too bad so sad boo hoo, you should’ve prepared for an outbreak of robberies beforehand by permanently stashing all of your things”

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