[SUGGESTION] Gem Counter Block

  • Gem Counter/Counting Block


  • can count all of the dropped fish/gemstones in just a second legitimately.


  • Players will have the oppotunity to sell/buy their gems safely and accurately.
  • Players wont find a way to scam ppl [selling 1M and only got 2k mgems]
  • prop item
  • item is wrenchable and can choose if you want to detect fgems or mgems


Useful or not? will this impact the economy? vote here:

Add this item?
  • Yes
  • No

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It would be cooler if there was an item that counts everything in your world, like in growtopia called the GrowScan 9000. I have 3 trash worlds and it would be super useful if I needed to find an item.

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I honnestly don’t see this coming but it would be useful. It kinda souds like somthing from growtopia.

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it is, but only counts gems not items, dosent check items or such.

if it counts items it would be like Growscan in gt.

it only counts the mgems and fgems present, and how many gems will it value. very different.

I mean, it would be great if the developers actually made Gemstone Blocks.

Say a Ruby Block, that is created after combining 10 Huge Rubies, with the same value as 10 huge rubies. This way, the amount of gems you get is somewhat certain, and you do not get confused on which is tiny/which is small.

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this thread is about ‘’ counting all the values (dropped fishs/gems) in it ‘’ it would be useful if someone already obtained 999 gems and has no time to drop with. but i dont think its needed for now.

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