SUGGESTION: How we can improve clans?

Hello guys! Soo i got a suggestion to make more clan items! Maybe something like clan items reset in Every 3 months as jetrace chest, Mining wheel… etc. But without “gambling” example New clan wings Every 3 months or maybe clan halo’s? There Are tons of types items that we can make clans themed.
Clan halo’s:

I give all the right of my feature design to Kukouri Mobile Entertainment Itd. to use it as they please in their games/social media or in any other form of media.


It’s a good suggestion, but can you tell me what " resets items every 3 months" means?

The photos are familiar to @Editson

This suggestion would’ve been good, but I’d doubt the developers have time, considering that they’re bringing out a “Huge” update on May.

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Yeah, it doesn’t seem most likely that they will make something similar to this. Let’s see in the future.

Endless has said they Are planning to improve clans some

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I think this “huge” thing is brand New thing than just improvement of old update.
They wont call it “huge” then i think.

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I mean items reset in Every 3 months example clan wings reset to clan Cape or clan Jp.


It’s sounds cool but i personally don’t like it. The thing that i don’t like is the fact that it will be too similar to mining wheel and jet race. I think that they shouldn’t add too much stuff similar to the wheel

I dont mean any chest,lucky wheel it resets in-game SHOP

Ohh still I’m not big fun of it, i think that items really cool like that should be harder to get than just buy them form shop for gems

This looks cool not gonna lie
Good job i love you’re idea :slight_smile:

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