The best way to profit in pwe 10-100 wls

so hey guys today i am going to tell you about profit in PWE so first of all
try to find item in PWE for exmple weapen cost 5000 byte coin you go to order and check the price someone order if he order for 2500 bc so order it for 3000 bc the sell it for 4990 and yes
its the profit its can take 60 min

so thanks you guys
subscribe to RonenPw shaelmev there is more tips to profit bye bye

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Thanks for the tip!

no problem thanks is you dont mind can you subscribe to my chNEL

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I can. :wink:

thanks :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: hahahahhahah

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this one?

yessssss it is hahahaahha

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wow your a genius ronen nobody knew this fascinating tip you have unearthed a whole new way too profit your channel is so good i wouldn’t be surprised if it got 10k subs.

i also wouldn’t be surprised if they made you a moderator right now. this profiting method is so unheard of and so groundbreaking that i think you might have to replace jake as community manager.

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Eh… people have been using this method for over a year already…

thanks guys i am so happy

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well ronen doesn’t understand sarcasm so there is a very high chance he is under 13.

dude’s just trying to help but he’s getting destroyed in the replies instead. lmfao

well i wouldn’t be judging him if this was his first topic but he has made some before

he claims he is over 13 but it is comically obvious he is younger he cannot understand the most blatantly obvious jokes ,he writes like an 8 year old and is completely oblivious to everything i wouldn’t be surprised if he was a 7 year old thats more likely than him being 13

i also wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t even read this.

as an example he says


thanks for the tip, i’ll try it out :+1:

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Well I’ve got to be honest, this tip is already used alot of times, but I appreciate the tip. I also have a tip for you, “don’t promote your YouTube channel too much” because now I just feel like your core motive is just for more subscribers

Here’s my tip how to improve your Youtube videos:

Make them thumbnail

Make original content, if you don’t have ideas then youtube is not for you.