To be Honest

OK so i am the real Siethy of pw and i can prove it to anyone who wants the proof…Siethy is an imposture and i am not affiliated to this person in any way…

So the honesty part …i really haven’t played pw in almost a full year cause of reasons left out…
i have only logged in to save all my small locks from being decayed.

heres more proof


I saw this gm bois and he was really there. :slight_smile: I even warped the gm.

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i ono for some reason the images aren’t loading

the real siethy bois, i was talking with him
Note: hes a nice guy.

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first i want to ask 1 question:
1.are you quitting?

also that guy have to be stole the pic from you road to lvl10 clan

are you selling raven wings?

ok no i am not quitting and never will … and that pic is from when i borrowed my wife’s wings…thats not even the set i wear in the game this is my set

No need to post more evidential photos @Siethy80, everything has been handled and the case is closed.

Its first time Im seeing this in VIDEOGAME. I thought u really Are that rude, but it changes whole stuff… I already thought If u have wife-kids u wouldnt be so rude and absurd as u were in the fake siethy account. I mean If u can find these threads out and read those u can see how absurd it all is… Saddly everybody thinks now that u Are rude, toxic fully egoist… Feel sad for you:(

Have a great day!

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I am in no way mad about this…i actually found it amusing how fast i shut it down with 3 screen shots.
The account was deleted and all the threads were removed as i believe, even endless came into my world to check up on me it was EPIC


the best phrase i ever saw in pw.
‘wow, ur old’

Random developer

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wait so…why the fake siethy selling raven wings? and crownie? lol