Untouchable achievement doesn't work!

I have done the deep nether several times without taking damage but i didn’t get the untouchable achievement. I have done the achievement 3 times with potions in my inventory (but i didn’t use them) and I even have done it 1 time with no potions in my inventory. maybe someone can look into this i really want to do the achievement but it just doesn’t work. =(

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Are you level 35 or higher?

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yes i am level 72. and i didnt use any potions ore healing. =\

Did you heal yourself before entering Deep Nether?

why ru gonna heal urself before deep nether

Possibly mining, or doing something else before that required a healing potion. Because this is about the Deep Nether, I suspect that they had to heal themselves while searching for the Nether vendor, to buy scrolls from. Just a theory though… I’m not doing it, lmao.

Hmmm, what about if you try exiting the game, open it again and try once again to do the achievement?

thats a bit of an obvious response.

Or even another Deep Nether before this. I confirmed it: If you heal yourself and then join Deep Nether, the previous healing will ruin the achievement, assuming you happened to stay on the same server.

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Weird, so it’s probably something that needs to be fixed anyway.

Yes, it will be fixed.

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Sweet, good luck! :slight_smile:

No one:
The Untouchable Achievement:

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