VIP Rework (eye candy pay 2 win tier subscription)

there was a rant behind this that i created way back in November last year… i said a lot of things about the current state of affairs at the time… i decided to just copy and paste this bit in… also my 2nd suggestion on here in a long time… feel free to criticize how pay 2 win this is but VIP is still a rip off after all these years (yes i still am following this game as i have said in the following mention thread)

Bronze VIP stays the same with the addition of

  • +10% XP boost
  • 5% gem discount in shop
  • #5 HPS
  • +1 extra perk


  • +5% luck boost (for everything)
  • +15% XP boost
  • 7% gem discount in shop
  • +1 extra perk, removal 25% discount
  • Toggle Silver Aura/Glow
  • #4 HPS
  • +500 more gems/ 2500 gems


  • +7% luck boost
  • +20% XP boost
  • 9% gem discount
  • +1 extra perk, removal 50%
  • Toggle Gold Speech Bubble/chat log text
  • Toggle Gold Aura/Glow
  • #3 HPS
  • +1000 more gems/ 3000 gems
  • +5% more from gem purchases


  • +9% luck boost
  • +20% XP boost
  • 11% gem discount
  • +1 extra perk, removal 75% discount
  • Custom Name RGB/Hex Color
  • Ruby Emoji in front of username
  • Toggle Red Speech Bubble/chat log text
  • Toggle Red Aura/Glow
  • +1500 more gems/ 3.5k gems
  • #2 Priority Support
  • +10% more from gem purchases


  • +10% luck boost
  • +25% XP Boost
  • +1 extra perk, free removals
  • Custom Name Color
  • Custom Name Tag after username (like clan tag)
  • Diamond Emoji in front of username
  • 5 more inventory slots
  • 1 (technically free) Global Message every 2 hours
  • Toggle Light Blue Aura/Glow
  • +2000 more gems/ 4k gems per day.
  • Private access to VIP grand prize voting before the next month on the forums or Discord…
  • Highest Priority Support
  • +15% more form gem purchases
  • 5 random winner contest to instantly receive the next VIP grand prize
  • 1 random winner contest to instantly receive 1 month worth of Diamond VIP added to their account
  • All perks and rewards are auto claimed and stored for later logins without expiration

Cool ideas, maybe with these new special stuff buying VIP would be actually worth it.

I honestly should’ve posted the rant before the ex-devs and admins left the game. Maybe they would’ve added this feature. Or maybe I would’ve been flamed to heck for how stupidly OP and p2w it would’ve looked at the time. I dunno.

hmm, you have a point, it kinda does make the game a bit P2W but it’s definitely better prizes for supporting game development than there is currently.

the idea is really good, however this means we will be able to have a single vip subscription at a time and we won’t be able to stack it unless we buy the same deal that could be less benefic than other deals in the store
and what about the undefined vip we get from achievements

Imo they just should make different vips like this. But make them permanent. Like roblox gamepasses. That way you wouldn’t feel sad when your diamond vip is running out.