What do you think about school?

What do you think?

Choose the following
  • School is good
  • School is great
  • School is important
  • School is very exciting
  • School is boring
  • School is not so bad
  • School is bad
  • School sucks
  • Rather not say
  • Others

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It’s multiple choice because on my opinion, different school days have a different atmosphere
Example :
Monday basically sucks
Friday is much better

School teaches us mostly unimportant stuff. You can’t fit everything important in 12 or more years but schools should replace the unimportant stuff with important stuff. Important stuff that school doesn’t teach us: socializing, paying taxes, knowing scams, survival and safety (CPR and stuff), how to use technology etc. Also we aren’t actually being taught in school. Memorizing for a test isn’t learning. You can see how learning a language in school doesn’t work well. School barely taught me english, I learned most of it online.


Verytall put it quite well, school while it teaches you a lot of seemingly unimportant or theoretical things and that’s something which won’t change anytime soon, they could fit some more important stuff in there as well, such as more focus on problem solving rather than memorization, because how far can you go in today’s world just with memorization?

We also need some financial education classes about budgeting, managing loans and paying taxes. For example, I did a bit of "reselling’’ with some stuff and I have absolutely no idea if I should declare my profits, where or how I would do that.


the only thing i learnt in year 7 was: dodecagon, a shape with like 12 sides or smth and in year 9 i learnt that ThE mItOcHoNdRa Is ThE pOweRHouSe oF tHe CelL

People always complain about learning “useless” information but where I live, you choose the subjects you do and therefore you choose the content you learn.
Don’t want to learn about calculus? Cool, don’t do mathematic methods, just do general mathematics. Oh? You don’t like doing linear equations? Just do essential mathematics.
Or if you don’t want to learn maths at all, just drop it 5hed.
All these options in my country but people still complain.
Dunno how other countries education works though :nail_care:

Indonesia’s education system just goes whack tbh. They teach you nearly EVERY subject , and expect you to understand it in 2-3 weeks. Like it or not, you’d have to understand Math, Science, and Social Studies all at once.

The cycle just goes “Teach → HW → WS → Test → Repeat”

No idea bout other education systems, but yeah. It’s pain.

Most schools teach the wrong things, and don’t help tailor a specific student to grow their true talent or interest, and instead a collective cluster of students doing the same thing together, and it’s run by a bunch of teachers with nothing but the drive for money motivating them to continue their job. Imagine if every teacher thoroughly enjoyed their job and wanted students to be happy and knowledgeable in their favorite subject? Imagine if the world was like this


dev choose school sucks :joy:

Woof :sweat_smile:
Didn’t know that much people disliked what school taught, after I started disliking school my optimism and grades dropped at the same time, so I decided to just accept it and find another hobby called drawing (With adobe Illustrator)

That would be pretty great, I would’ve certainly been a lot more interested in my lessons. The only teachers I can think of who were like that were some of my science teachers, on the other end of the spectrum was history, which was probably one of the most boring things I’ve done in my life.

Of course school is important. (Unless you want to become a garbage man, a fast food worker, a mailman or a plumber or hundreds of other practical jobs.)

Mathematics is easy for me, and quite fun.

English is way too easy, I don’t learn any in school.
I like all the subjects that have to do with science and creativity.

I’m quite good at Finnish and Swedish, but Spanish is slightly difficult.

i got holidays for a week tomorrow :open_mouth:

My holiday has been for over a month now, and most likely will continue for over a month.
Online school is so much easier than actual school, and I learn more.

same :joy: i got 100 in almost every english cause when i was a kid i keep listening to english cartoons makes me love english

@Celics why make so many about school thread tho

I keep getting 90% full points, only due to me having to translate some weird Swedish phrases into English. I attend a Swedish-speaking school, although my stronger language is Finnish.

I mainly learnt my English from Growtopia and its forums, but my English is constantly improving.

Just look at this cringe from 1.5 years ago. My old posts can still be found on the Growtopian forums if anyone is interested. What a trainwreck of a game nowadays.

Hey, look! This guy banned me.

who that mod?
i play gt until the new update comes
bcs the game kinda boring
you still pley? gt
i was ragequit at blarney 4 and others

He was the “Leader” of the Growtopia team in Canada.
He eventually quit his job.

I haven’t played Growtopia in almost a year, I still visit to see what’s going on. Nothing good.
I never thought that Ubisoft can ruin a game as quickly as they ruined Growtopia.

I learning things that my parents don’t know even sh!t about it, they say they forgot Wich makes me feel do I need to learn this??

To make a place for you guys to share and for my curiosity :slight_smile: