What happened to lore?

Ok so nobody has posted about lore in months… Is it dead? I think I just don’t know what’s going on XD can anyone tell me why lore is not that popular anymore? Also what happened to the community?In the olden days everyone was kinder and people were fun and did fun things like the world LOVE.And clans used to be like they were ur best mates and did a lot with u.The community is waaaayyyy more divided and everyone just wants to make money :frowning:

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Sad, yeah whenever I try to go to ADE it says disconnected.Like I say pixel worlds is falling apart…very sad

But what bout the community?When did that start taking a change?

Just message me :slight_smile: It’s fine

In a once vibrant and enchanting garden, where laughter echoed amid the blossoming flowers and the air was filled with the sweet melodies of chirping birds, a disheartening transformation unfolded. The beauty that once flourished within the lively space began to wither and fade, as the hands of someone oblivious to its magic swept through, leaving destruction in their wake. The vibrant hues of the flowers dulled, their petals wilted under the weight of neglect. The laughter that once danced through the air was replaced by a somber silence, and the once-joyful atmosphere succumbed to the heavy burden of decay. What was once a source of joy and inspiration, a sanctuary of fun and enjoyment, now stood as a poignant reminder of the fragility of beauty in the face of negligence and carelessness.



Serxan: image


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Ye I get it. It’s sad being an old player and seeing things go.But I will do the old ways no matter what

I don’t think the clan system works anymore either, at least not with older players. So many players just move on whatever game it is…

If a bunch of young players come together to PW then yeah a clan might work for them - I’d bet if you looked at your friends list very few of them if any still play.

The game is defo more solo , it works but it’s a different game because of it.

FarmMiner reply is perfect…the current owners simply don’t care.

Is it because they don’t even realise what they have …?

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Dude I was referring to the text!.

To me that is the rose coloured story of PW.

It’s sad that it’s been let go.

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One of the greatest games of them all…yet to fall.When I was new I was welcomed by everyone but now hardly anybody trusts u and sometimes in secret base or nether the people u work with abandon u

Farmminer is sharing their grief

I actually made a post about this if u wanna read it

#self promotion lol

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What do u mean…How? What?