What is your luckiest day ever?

well my luckiest day ever when i got 2 dark ifrit tail in 2 black tower what is your luckiest day? and what you got?

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my is when i found almost done dirt farm :smiley:

hmm not bad you should get more luck ofc getting legendaries

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My luckiest day was when I found a world with 300+ wls worth of 2017 summer items and other stuff.

Woah world decay? if yes you lucky

Probably just getting the bytie familiar

cool! i never get 1 grand prize at daily bonus and vip (im unlucky)

Completing a nether with those special drops, specially those graffitis.

:smiley: nice i got flaming glove at my first time doing deep nether

luckiest day back in 2016 was I got dp wings from vip!!

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OMGGGG i start playing this game when summer 2020 starts ;(

My luckiest day was my first Blacktower try 2020. I got at my first try and at the first chest dark ifrit wings.

My luckiest day was in 2017 when i got ninja pickle

My luckiest day is when I found decayed 2 letter worth sold it 210 wls

Luckiest day when I made 300+ wls by just selling clovers for the Lep quest. it was a worthwhile investment.

Haven’t really played Pixel Worlds for that long (started at the very last day after blacktower) but my most luck experience so far would be getting blackbird cape and 2 shoutguns during this most recent secret lab for sure:)

My luckiest day was when I won the world WOODPARKOUR in a giveaway, after which I won WOTW.
(i dont own it anymore because i got hacked like 3 years ago and lost it)

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Getting the world PVP from Dev’s pvp race at ANNIHILATION back in 2018

When i got 2 pwatches in one mine run

Getting Lion Helmet in 2017.
Selling it for a 3 letter world just because I was a kid and didn’t know what profit means. (The world was a farm world , and I legit broke all of it just to get the xmas background , thats how stupid I am)
2020 x-mas where I spent more than 200k gems on xmas booster & got most of the legendaries.
When I saw a gm of someone buying frost shard , I spent 3k gems and got frost shard and sold it for 2pl then I spent the 2pl on stupid stuff.
When I found my first true friend , emanuelus.
When I got scammed all my worlds in 2017 , learnt to never trust humanity again.
But my luckiest day ever was when I caught Santo hacking.