What will the next update be?

What do you think what will the next update be?
The devs did say It’s gonna have the card tournament and the next set of cards but that can’t be all of it, right?

I’m hoping that they atleast add another booster in the next update but yea idk

I’m hoping for the august update (community request update) the last time hey done it was like 2019

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The best update ever?

(20) Maybe yeah I guess

The best update ever was a community requested update i think

Oh right yeah (20 char)

music update i guess lol

Nether dungeon :smiley: cuz its my idea

:point_up: if u haven’t read

Don’t let them add another dumbfish species :<

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I hope not, Dumbfish is the most useless fish

Wouldn’t say it’s entirely useless, considering how I use them to balance fgems so that I can perfectly sell them at a precise rate (no less, no more)

Otherwise, they’re utterly useless and pathetic.

Salmon yes i wish

My prediction is Zombies update.

Best update is fishing nothing else.
I was poor back then cant afford h.

Let’s all admit it, that fishing was quite the game changer for most of us

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I agree, it became the best gem provider for us when it released. It beat farming, it beat nether

Although it did got bullied by everyone at first, due to no one having a superior rod :sweat_smile:

I just want bug fixes, optimisation and quality of life features but developers aren’t very good at this so I don’t think it will be the next update!

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Farming will be coming.

I really hope it’s this:

Because we already got this: